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Masters Studies

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MTS Available Online

This 45 hour degree provides a solid foundation of theological studies designed to equip a person for effective and growing ministry. The MTS provides training in the same foundational areas of ministry as the M.Div., but takes less time.

MTS, Standard Available Online

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MDiv Available Online

The M.Div. is the standard first degree for students anticipating pastoral ministry. This degree is ideal for future pastors, evangelists, associate pastors, missionaries, and as a foundation for subsequent graduate work.

MDiv, Standard Available Online

MDiv, Timothy Track

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Master of Arts Available Online

The Master of Arts degree prepares men and women for specialized service in a variety of ministry settings, including counseling, education, and worship ministry.

Master of Arts Available Online

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Doctoral Studies

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Biblical Studies

Our Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies is an advanced research degree preparing students for teaching and research in theological schools, colleges, and universities, as well as for the scholarly enhancement of ministerial practice.

PhD, Biblical Studies
PhD, The Residency

  • Standard Program
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Biblical Theology

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Theological Studies

Our Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies is an advanced research degree preparing students for teaching and research in theological schools, colleges, and universities, as well as for the scholarly enhancement of ministerial practice.

PhD, Theological Studies

  • Systematic Theology
  • Historical Theology
  • Ethics
  • Preaching

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Applied Theology

Our Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Theology is an advanced research degree preparing students for teaching and research in theological schools, colleges, and universities, as well as for the scholarly enhancement of ministerial practice.

PhD, Applied Theology

  • Biblical Counseling
  • Apologetics
  • Leadership
  • Missiology
  • Ecclesiology
  • Biblical Spirituality

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

The Doctor of Education degree program prepares students for the advanced practice of Christian education and educational leadership in the academy, the local church, and in other denominational settings.

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Master of Theology (ThM)

Our Master of Theology is offered to enable students of substantial ability to continue academic research.

ThM, Standard

  • ThM, Pedagogy
  • ThM, Research Languages
  • ThM, Applied Theology
  • ThM, Practical Theology

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Our Doctor of Ministry is an advanced degree preparing students for leadership in local churches and denominational service. Ministers seeking growth in competencies, spiritual vitality, and character will greatly benefit from the professional doctoral degrees offered through Midwestern Seminary.


  • DMin, Standard (non-emphasis)
  • Apologetics
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Church Revitalization
  • Ethics
  • Expository Preaching
  • Leadership (Available fully online)
  • Missions
  • Worship Leadership
  • Military Chaplaincy

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Doctor of Educational Ministry (DEdMin)

Our Doctor of Educational Ministry program is a professional doctorate designed to advance theologically competent leadership in a global context by equipping students with greater knowledge and skill sets that integrate the study of theology, education and discipleship for advanced ministerial and educational practice.


  • Worship Ministry

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Spurgeon College

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BA, Biblical Studies Available Online

Dive into the biblical world as you immerse yourself in studies such as Greek, Hebrew, biblical backgrounds, and Christian theology.

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BA, Christian Ministry Available Online

Designed to give you access to ministry leadership, our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry provides a broad foundation for serving churches, Christian education groups, para-church ministries, and mission organizations.

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BA, Intercultural Studies Available Online

Great leaders are full of biblical conviction, yet adaptable to any context. For that reason, in the BA in Intercultural Studies, we focus on training the right kinds leaders so that they will be equipped to endure the most difficult of scenarios.

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BA, Student Ministry

Prepare yourself to reach the next generation for Jesus! This degree will equip you to effectively lead young adult ministries in the church, while providing a broad enough foundation for future graduate work to pursue broader ministry

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BA, Worship Ministry

Make a difference for the church by leading people to worship Jesus! The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry gives students a rigorous academic framework for leading in a variety of worship settings.

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BA, Theology

Engage the shifting tides of culture through vibrant theological reflection. Our rigorous curriculum will encourage you to go deeper into the Word of God and into theological reflection.

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BA, Business Leadership Available Online

Be a leader who makes a difference on a global level. The BA in Business Leadership grounds students in the practical and theoretical realities of contributing to economic development through business.

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BA, Philosophy

The BA in Philosophy degree is perfect for those who love wrestling with logic, theology, and philosophical systems. Students will be exposed to the history of Christian and gain an understanding of competing world systems.

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BA, Interdisciplinary Studies Available Online

Flexibility is a desired trait in the rapidly shifting currents of the 21st century. The BA in Interdisciplinary Studies allows you to develop your own course of study in connection with a faculty advisor.

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BA, Biblical Counseling

The Biblical Counseling degree provides a philosophical, ideological, and theological basis of knowledge in the sufficiency of Scripture and its interpretation for the task of counseling and soul care.

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BA, History

The History degree at Spurgeon College equips students to engage the past from a global perspective. Through the study of the key figures, events, and methodologies of historical research, students gain valuable skills for faithfulness in the present and future.
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BA, Communications

The new Bachelor of Arts in Communications at Spurgeon College can equip you to represent the truth with excellence no matter your industry or vocation. This 120-credit hour degree includes foundational ministry courses like biblical studies and Christian ministry interwoven with specific training in journalism, public relations, rhetoric, visual communications, and several other communications-related vocations.
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Accelerate allows you to complete a Master of Divinity, a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, or a Master of Arts in Christian Education in 5 years.
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Spend your first year of college on the mission field. Fusion is a process whereby young Christians grow into biblical adulthood by embracing the call of the gospel through several rites of passage.

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Education Track

Great educators are biblically-informed and equipped to build their students up in the truth of God’s Word. Spurgeon College’s Education Track grants students a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in four years and prepares students for a fifth year with Hannibal-LaGrange University where they can complete a Master of Science in Education. The MSE at HGU can be completed online from Kansas City or elsewhere. The Education Track will prepare students to teach in diverse education settings with certifications including the following: Elementary, Middle School, Secondary (K-12 or 9-12), and Special Education (K-12).

Please contact admissions@mbts.edu for more information.

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Non-Degree Certificates

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Online You


OnlineYou is a rigorous, research-based program of study built from the ground up and specifically tailored for online students engaged in ministry today.

OnlineYou doesn’t just equip students with knowledge, but was designed by scholars in the field to provide students with skills for lifelong Biblical learning and application.

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International Degrees


미드웨스턴의 유학생 서비스 사무국(International Student Services Office)에서는 유학생 여러분들이 실천적 복음주의 신학의 수준높은 강의를 한국어로 수강할 수 있도록 유학생활을 돕고 있습니다.

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Estudios en Español

La Oficina de Servicios para Estudiantes Internacionales atiende a los estudiantes internacionales al proporcionar información y servicios que respaldan su experiencia educativa.

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Studii în limba română

Biroul de Servicii Internaționale de Studenți servește studenților internaționali prin furnizarea de informații și servicii care susțin experiența lor educațională.

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