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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry degree program is to develop Christian leaders through doctoral level instruction, research, and practice. The program is divided into three major components: Foundational Seminars, Elective Seminars, and the Ministry Project Dissertation.

Students may specialize by choosing elective seminars from one or more emphases. Emphases are available in Associational Leadership, Apologetics, Ethics, Chaplaincy, Church Revitalization, Counseling, Expository Preaching, Leadership as well as tracks offered in Korean and Spanish.

Students graduating from a Professional Doctoral Studies program will be able to:

  1. Draw on the resources of the classical area of theological study.
  2. Do original field research and needs analysis.
  3. Organize and motivate others to carry out such program plans with a high level of competence.
  4. Move beyond routinely accepted techniques of ministry toward new dimensions, methods and outreach.

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Class List

Doctoral Core (12 hrs)

  • DR00000 Doctoral Orientation (0 hrs)
  • DR30020 Doctoral Studies Colloquium (4 hrs)
  • DR30060 Integrating Christian Faith & Practice (4 hrs)
  • DR30090 Dissertation Seminar (4 hrs)

Standard DMin
Doctoral Core plus 12 hours from the professional doctoral curriculum. Please note, some courses may require proficiency in Biblical Languages or pre-approval by the professor.



  • DR35090 Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics (4 hrs) in lieu of DR30060 Integrating Christian Faith & Practice (4 hrs)
  • DR37001 Science and Origins (4 hrs)
  • DR37002 World Religions (4 hrs)
  • DR38405 Worldview and Ethical Theory (4 hrs)


Biblical Counseling

  • DR31280 The Bible and Pastoral Care (4 hrs)
  • DR32212 Historical and Theological Foundations of Biblical Counseling (4 hrs)
  • DR32220 Advanced Marriage and Family Counseling (4 hrs)


Military Chaplaincy

  • Transfer hours up to 12 hours
  • Balance of hours may be taken through 30xxx level courses


Church Revitalization

May be taken in any order.

  • DR33261 CR I: Critical Iss. For Cong. Renewal (4 hrs)
  • DR33262 CR II: Revital & Renewal Perspectives (4 hrs)
  • DR33263 CR III: Contextualized Strategic Planning for Revitalization (4 hrs)



  • DR38441 Marriage & Sexuality (4 hrs)
  • DR38442 Bioethics (4 hrs)
  • DR38405 Worldview and Ethical Theory (4 hrs)


Expository Preaching

Select three

  • DR36271 Expository Preaching (4 hrs)
  • DR36272 Style & Application in Exp. Preaching (4 hrs)
  • DR36273 Doctrinal & Topical Exposition (4 hrs)
  • DR36220 Preaching & Ministry Practice (4 hrs)



Select three

  • DR31010 Christian Leadership (4 hrs)
  • DR31020 Developing Christian Leaders (4 hrs)
  • DR31040 Contemporary Issues in Leadership (topic varies) (4 hrs)
  • DR34850 Educational Leadership (4 hrs)
  • DR31070 Worship Leadership (4 hrs)



    • DR33330 Missiology (4 hrs)
    • DR37305 Theology and Culture (4 hrs)

Selected Elective (from Mission/Revitalization/World Religions) (4 hrs)


  • DR31010 Christian Leadership in Hispanic Context (4 hrs)
  • DR31040 Leadership Issues: Hispanic (4 hrs)
  • DR31210 Hispanic Evangelism and Ministry Practice (4 hrs)


Worship Ministries

  • 31310 A Biblical Theology of Worship, Culture, Music and the Arts: Discipling for the Musician-Theologian
  • 31077 Worship Ministries Conference Seminar: Sing!
  • 31075 Leading and Discipling for the Musician-Theologian
  • 40991 Ministry Project – D. Min.
  • DR40991 Dissertation 6 hrs


Ministry to Women

  • DR31220 Foundations of Ministry to Women (4 hrs)
  • DR31225 Contemporary Issues in Ministry to Women (4 hrs)

Select Elective (4 hours)

  • DR34080 Teaching Principles & Methods of Higher Ed
  • DR38441 Marriage & Sexuality
  • DR34882 Disciple Making Through the Family