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The Midwestern Journal of Theology is a scholarly journal written to assist Christians and churches in making disciples throughout the world. Published twice a year, each issue includes theological and exegetical articles, inspirational sermons, and reviews of important books.

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Welcome to the Spring 2018 issue of the Midwestern Journal of Theology, in which we are publishing the 2018 Sizemore Lectures. The lectures were given by Dr. Andreas J. Kostenberger from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, on the subject of Biblical Theology.

We are pleased to follow Dr. Kostenberger’s erudite analyses, with articles from three Professors and one Doctoral student at Midwestern Seminary, together with one article from Dr. Hurley of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. These articles begin with a piece from Dr. Stephen Andrews, as he challenges the church, to reconsider the value of learning and using Biblical Hebrew. Dr. Alan Branch then gives a detailed survey of the relationship between epigenetics and homosexuality. This is followed by an in-depth study from Dr. Todd Chipman entitled, ‘Weapons, Wealth and the End of the World.’

Our penultimate article is from Dr. Hurley of Scarborough College, who presents the fruits of his research into early missions in America, as he compares the missional methodology of the Moravians and the New Lights. Our final article, describing how missions is at the very center of God’s heart, comes from Jason Alligood, a Doctoral student at Midwestern, in his ‘Biblical Theology of the Great Commission’.

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