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The Midwestern Journal of Theology is a scholarly journal written to assist Christians and churches in making disciples throughout the world. Published twice a year, each issue includes theological and exegetical articles, inspirational sermons, and reviews of important books.

The Journal of Theology is available free online or as a subscription-based print publication. Rates for the printed Journal are $20 for one year, $35 for two years, and $50 for three years. To read more informative and pertinent articles on today’s hottest topics, please subscribe by clicking on the link below or by contacting the editor, Dr. Michael D. McMullen, by phone at (816) 414-3700.

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Welcome the Fall issue of the Midwestern Journal of Theology. I am indebted once again, to several people who give so sacrificially to ensure the Journal appears each semester. My sincere thanks go to Dr. Jason Duesing, Provost and Academic Editor, for all his invaluable assistance. Thanks are also due to our Book Review Editor, Dr. Blake Hearson, for all the hours spent in procuring and editing the reviews he always manages to secure. My sincere thanks also go to Mrs. Kaylee Freeman, for all her invaluable support as Journal secretary.

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