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We serve the church by biblically educating God-called men and women to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are unashamed about our sacred calling to prepare men and women to serve the church. We are looking for students who will be the next leaders of the church, completely dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission. From start to finish, Midwestern Seminary strives to transform students by renewing their minds with biblical truth, igniting their hearts with ministry passion, and enriching their souls with deepened Christ-likeness.

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Kansas City, Missouri

Minutes from downtown, Midwestern Seminary is located in what many call the “heart of America.” Historic growth has Midwestern poised to be an influence in one of the fastest growing, yet incredibly unreached, regions of the United States. The Midwest is quickly becoming one of the most unchurched regions in the United States.

Then and Now

Founded on May 29, 1957, Midwestern Seminary became the sixth seminary established by the Southern Baptist Convention. Today, Midwestern boasts a beautiful 220-plus acre wooded campus in the Northland with over 120 rooms and apartments available for living on campus as students prepare for ministry.

Academic Programs

Midwestern Seminary consists of an undergraduate college, a graduate school and a school of doctoral programs. We offer Master of Divinity, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Ministry, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts degrees, Associates degrees and certificates.


At MBTS, we labor to produce pastor-theologians, graduates who will give of themselves for the Church in expository preaching, doctrinal integrity, and discerning pastoral care. Our graduate degree programs are designed to take your education and training to the next level of competence and passion, preparing you for ministry wherever God’s calling takes you.

Our 81-hour MDiv is our flagship degree and a quick and affordable track towards pastoral ministry. The Timothy Track provides residential internship with a local church, where you can immediately begin applying your M.Div training with hands-on ministry opportunities. We have a variety of fully-accredited Master’s degrees to prepare you for your next season of service to the Church.

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The Timothy Track: Residential education meets ministry experience Midwestern Training Network: With the Church, For the Church

Spurgeon College is equipping students to be the leaders of today and tomorrow by grounding them in the truth while preparing them for the world. With a variety of degree programs and special emphases, there are multiple avenues of growth and training for wherever God’s call is taking you.

The Fusion program combines academic, spiritual, and even physical training for students exploring God’s call to global missions. Your studies are supplemented by residential discipleship and mentoring, culminating in an entire semester spent on the mission field. Know instead that you’re called to local church ministry? Spurgeon College’s Accelerate program is a 5-year, intensive study track through which students simultaneously earn their Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees.

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All of our doctoral study programs are designed to equip and train leaders for the church. Whether you plan to serve in the church, the academy, or the marketplace, our post-graduate degrees are designed for students seeking high levels of theological and professional competence.

The classic Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) is modular, allowing students to study without leaving their current context, spending time on campus only for one-week seminars with their doctoral cohorts. Or apply for The Residency, our special Ph.D component that supplements your doctoral work with weekly mentoring, on-campus teaching opportunities, and the support of our growing community of residential scholars. Training for the marketplace more than the academy? Our Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) is a professional post-grad degree designed to equip you for the next season of ministry equipping others in your local church or ministry organization.

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OnlineYou is a rigorous, research-based program of study built from the ground up and specifically tailored for online students engaged in ministry today. With nearly all degree programs available, students can pursue their education without leaving their current ministry context. Using the latest online platforms enhanced by an engaged faculty and facilitated discussions, our virtual classrooms shatter the challenges of distance education.

Courses are offered in 8-week terms with full loads offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. And with seven terms a year, you are never more than a few weeks away from starting your degree.

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本學院現在開展中⽂網路神學碩⼠學位教學Master of Theological Study。課程全中⽂,全網路授課。學位設置⽬的:為教會中帶職或全職事奉的同⼯提供扎實基礎的神學訓練。使學員獲得全 ⽅⾯的神學訓練和裝備,既包括進深的聖經知識與研究,也包括相關的跨學科,跨領域知識,從⽽應⽤在事奉上。

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Make the most of your training by studying with our Christ-centered community in Kansas City.

More Information

Because ministry training isn’t “one size fits all,” we can tailor your degree program with both residential and online classes to meet your educational needs.

Can’t relocate? Our customizable online degree programs allow you to study at your own pace without leaving your current ministry context.

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Meet the President

Photo of Jason K. Allen

“Jason’s leadership gifts, commitment to theological education in service to the church and heart for the things of God’s Kingdom are the kind of characteristics that certainly point to a bright future for Midwestern in the days ahead.”

— dr. david dockery, president, trinity Int’l University

Jason K. Allen

Elected on October 15, 2012, Dr. Jason K. Allen serves as the fifth president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Kansas City, Mo., and is one of the youngest presidents in all of American higher education. Since coming to Midwestern Seminary, he has led the institution to become one of the largest and fastest growing seminaries in North America.

In addition to his role as President, Dr. Allen serves the institution in the classroom, as an associate professor for preaching and pastoral ministry. More broadly, he serves the church through his preaching and writing ministries as well. He is the author of two recently-released books, The SBC & the 21st Century (B&H Publishing) and Discerning Your Call to Ministry (Moody Publishing). Dr. Allen regularly posts essays on his website, jasonkallen.com, and hosts a weekly podcast, “Preaching & Preachers,” which can also be found at jasonkallen.com.

Before coming to Midwestern Seminary, Dr. Allen served as a pastor, and as a senior administrator at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky. He and his wife, Karen, are both from Mobile, Ala., and have five children: Anne-Marie, Caroline, William, Alden, and Elizabeth.

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Stories from Students

Faith & Art: Interview with Spurgeon College Accelerate student, Joel Whitson

Faith & Art: Interview with Spurgeon College Accelerate student, Joel Whitson

Recently, while scrolling through social media, I came across an image of Midwestern’s iconic chapel unlike any I’d ever seen. It was a sketch drawn by a newly matriculated student named Joel Whitson, who I had yet to meet. This was a fact I was eager to change; I quickly met and became friends with Joel. The initial shock over the beauty of his art reoccurred a number of times over the next year as Joel began to share his art with me and my wife, who has an art degree herself. As our friendship blossomed, my appreciation for him both as an artist and a student of the Word began to grow. What makes Joel’s art unique is not just his sheer talent, which is evident, but is also a combination of aesthetic capability mixed with a talent for depicting biblical and theological concepts in visually striking ways. One need not have a sophisticated appreciation for art to be mesmerized by Joel’s ability to creatively aid his viewers in understanding biblical concepts. Good artists can catch and stimulate the eye, great artists go after the mind’s eye, and our friend, Joel Whitson, has the God-given talent to capture both. We were able to connect with Joel recently on the topics of faith and art and have included a few of his recent pieces here as well. Ronni Kurtz Assistant Director of Marketing MBTS/Spurgeon College Managing Editor, For The Church
Original Art by Joel Whitson
[gallery link="file" ids="29795,29796,29797"]
  Joel, tell us a little about who you are, where you’re from, and your upbringing. I was born in St. Joseph, Missouri and raised in a Christian household. I was saved and baptized at the age of 11, but didn't act on it until I was 14 and in the eighth grade. I struggled with fitting in well within my school, but always felt welcome in church and in a local ministry. I ended up serving almost every day of the week within the church and local youth ministry. When did you first realize you had a passion for art? I was always interested in art but didn't consider it a passion until high school. I was bored in art class and wanted more than coil pots and piñata making. I started researching art on my own and eventually developed a style. The passion, though, wasn't truly embraced until I moved on campus at Spurgeon College where I actually sensed an appreciation for my art. How do the areas of faith and art intersect for you? I believe all believers are called to be a “creative” to some degree. We image God, the ultimate Creator, so I think a follower of Christ has a creative nature. I also believe that anyone that does create is not creating alone–we are conduits of the beauty and creative nature of the Lord. We reflect his majesty through our art, we are image-bearers, and even though we are broken, we can still show Christ and the undeniable beauty that is the gospel. Ultimately, it is worship–it's for the glory of God and the good of the world. It's also a way in which I evangelize. My family members (who aren't believers) see the beauty in what I make, they ask why I drew what I did, and that allows for a gospel presentation. How is art/creativity helpful in one’s Christian walk? I think creativity allows for the believer to appreciate what God has already made. Whether it's film, drawing, spoken word, or music, we are taking what God made and putting it in another form. It allows for us to worship and evangelize through our skills and allows us to thank Christ and proclaim him in a different fashion. Art and imagery can help shed light on biblical texts, too, making them easier to understand. Some biblical ideas are hard to grasp, whether the truth in what Scripture is saying or just its general idea. When art is involved, it can help bring understanding. I think that's why children's books use illustration–it makes the words easier to understand and visualize. Lastly, what brought you to Spurgeon College/MBTS? Micah Fries (an MBTS alum and pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn.) was my pastor way back in the day. As I looked for colleges, my mom and mentioned MBTS/Spurgeon College since she knew that Micah went there. So, I looked into the school. I was going to initially do FUSION, but the Lord led me to begin the Accelerate program instead. I did end up doing Fusion NAMB later.

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Laura Campbell – Stories from Students

Laura Campbell – Stories from Students

Laura Campbell | Master of Theological Studies
Clay Kannard – Stories from Students

Clay Kannard – Stories from Students

Clay Kannard | Online - Master of Theological Studies

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