You’re in the right place if you’re a Master’s or Undergraduate student looking to live on-campus while you receive theological education. Midwestern residential housing features convenient and safe housing at affordable rates to current full-time residential students and their families. Each one of the four apartment neighborhoods form a community engaged in spiritual growth towards a lifetime of ministry through fellowship, events, and activities for both single students and students with families.

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Housing Information

All rates listed on the MBTS housing page are for the 2017/18 academic year and effective 8.1.17 and are subject to change at the discretion of MBTS Administration.

Single Student Housing

Single students who live on campus have two options – a 73-bed residence hall, 12 multiple-occupancy graduate apartments, and 6 single-occupancy graduate apartments. Apartment buildings are dedicated to male or female student and may be requested by students over age 20. MBTS has the right to make assignments that will assist in accommodating needs for housing and efficiently utilizing available units.

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Family Housing

Married students, couples and families, reside in 98 apartments reserved for families. Family apartments consist of 2-3 bedroom apartments and a sprinkling of 4 bedroom apartments. Midwestern’s main campus is ADA accessible and a small amount of ADA compliant residential accommodations may be available.

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Doctoral & PhD Student Housing

Doctoral students who commute to campus to attend doctoral seminars may have the option to schedule guest accommodations.

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Undergraduate & Masters Housing

Once you are a fully accepted student in the Undergraduate or Master’s programs, you are eligible to apply for residential housing.

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Off-Campus Apartment Housing

Occasions may arise when our apartment options do not meet your particular residential needs. Midwestern has no negotiated rates with area apartment complexes. However, several complexes in close proximity to our campus are happy to assist our students with their housing needs.

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Housing Work Order

If the request is urgent, you may then follow up with the housing staff, by email at or the coordinator by phone at 816.414.3817, during business hours.

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To report problems with the machines or request service, please call Jetz, toll free 800.530.5719.

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