Doctoral and Ph.D. Student Housing

Doctoral Guest Housing will be available again in a limited capacity beginning on May 10, 2021. For more information, please contact

Residential Housing – Due to limited residential campus housing resources, Doctoral and Ph.D. students are only considered for residential housing with prior approval of a housing exception request and are based upon availability.

Guest Housing

Doctoral students commuting to campus to attend doctoral/PhD seminars, may request to stay on-campus in our multiple occupancy guest accommodations. Each of our four guest housing apartments is set to accommodate 2-4 students per apartment on twin beds and include bed and bath linens for each student at a cost of $60 per night per student/bed. The apartment is equipped with a full bath, common/living area and a kitchen. Accommodations also include two meals per day at the Midwestern Café when it is open and regular classes are in session. Student accommodations are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Any change of bunks must be self-orchestrated with your roommate(s).


  • Please complete and submit the guest housing form, at least ten business days (2 weeks) prior to arrival.
  • Prior to arrival, a reservation confirmation will be sent to the student email provided in the Guest Housing Form.
  • If a student does not receive confirmation via email, reservations have not been made.
  • At the student’s request, reservations may include one extra day – either one day prior or one day following your scheduled class – as necessary to accommodate your travel schedule.
  • If students wish to share a room, each student must submit a request specifying the name(s) of their preferred roommate(s).
  • If you do not specify a roommate(s) in the request, you will be assigned a room/bed as available.
  • Charges will be billed to each student’s account. Payment may be submitted by credit card online through the student portal or by cashier’s check in the Financial Services office. Payment is due within 30 days of posting.



  • NO transportation is provided by MBTS. Students must arrange for their own transportation.
  • Review various ground transportation options from the airport.


Cancellation Policy

  • Please complete the reservation cancellation form.
  • In the event that a cancellation form is not received at least one business day prior to the scheduled arrival date, or if the student is a “no show”, the student will still be accountable for the cost of the entire scheduled stay.


Area Accommodation Options

  • Click here to find accommodations in close proximity to MBTS

We look forward to serving you through our guest accommodations. For questions please contact