Office of Admissions

Your Admissions Counselor will be your primary point of contact for anything you might need as you work through the application process.

Hayden Summerhill

Undergraduate Admissions

(816) 414-3789

Interesting fact: I have never drunk a whole cup of coffee

Nathan Miller

Masters Admissions

(816) 414-3757

Interesting fact: I am allergic to the meat of hoofed animals (primarily beef and pork).

Paul Gandy

Masters Admissions

(816) 414-3737

Interesting fact: I have run 8 half marathons, but no full ones!

Mindy Akright

Doctoral Admissions

(816) 414-3755

Interesting fact: I have the distinction of having parked my van on my own leg.

Laura Campbell

Admissions Office Coordinator

(816) 414-3628

Interesting fact: I’ve put a brand new roof on a house myself

Lillian Choi

Korean Doctoral Admissions

(816) 414-3754

Interesting fact: I’m Korean-Canadian and met my Korean-American husband at Haiti.

Minjae Kwon

Korean Masters Admissions

(816) 414-3786

Interesting fact: I am a Barista – I can make any type of coffee you can imagine.

Steven Hsieh

Chinese Studies Admissions

(816) 414-3782

Interesting fact: I started to go to church because I wanted to learn how to play a guitar but learned about eternal life.