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Master’s & Undergrad Housing

Upon full acceptance in an Undergraduate or Master’s level degree program at MBTS/SC, you are eligible to apply for residential housing. Simply complete and submit the housing application (link below).

Here’s an important reminder for all new incoming Spurgeon College residential students joining us in the Fall semester: If you’ve paid your enrollment deposit, please submit your housing application by May 1st to secure priority housing. For those starting in the Spring semester, submit your housing application by November 1st.

Additionally, any new incoming Spurgeon College residential students who didn’t pay the enrollment deposit should still complete their housing application and pay the $100.00 to be considered for a housing assignment. Housing assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Master’s students and non-traditional undergraduate students applying to live in apartments should apply for housing 6 months before their requested move-in date. Though we do our best to provide housing for all applicants, students who apply for an apartment within 3 months of the requested move-in date are unlikely to be placed given the high demand.

Click here to apply for Housing


Eligibility requires you to be a full-time residential student:

  • Master’s students must be enrolled in at least 9 hours each semester, 6 hours must be on-campus classes
  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 12 hours per semester, 9 hours must be on-campus classes

An exception request must be submitted and approved in order to reside or continue residing on-campus outside these parameters. A 30-day vacate notice is required from any resident who does not meet these requirements or who does not possess an approved exception request.

Housing is assigned based on the following criteria:

  • Availability
  • Chronological order in which your application and housing deposit are received
  • Requested occupancy date
  • Undergraduate and Master’s students have priority over PhD students
  • Apartment preference

To increase the possibility of receiving an offer by your requested move-in date, please submit a Housing Application at least 6 months in advance of need. The Housing Coordinator will communicate with you through your student email regarding the status of your application and the apartment availability. Housing offers commence in mid-June for the fall semester and in mid-November for the spring semester. Subsequent assignments may be made throughout the year, as available.

Any current resident or applicant may request an exception to any of our housing policies by completing the Housing Exception Form. All requests will be considered, but not all requests may be granted.


  • Change of apartment – Current residents who would like to change apartments may complete a new application in the Housing Portal. An additional housing deposit is due with the application ($500.00 family; $100.00 non-family) plus a non-refundable change fee ($500.00 family; $100.00 non-family) is required before the change can be enacted.
  • New Degree – In the event the current resident is continuing MBTS education with another degree, a new housing application is required (no deposit needed). If your new degree plan is for Doctoral studies, an exception request is required with the application. Your continued residence is contingent upon an approved exception. Approval factors include, but not limited to, number of applicants awaiting an apartment and availability.
  • Transitioning off-campus – In the event a current resident is moving off-campus, please submit your 30-day vacate notice by completing the Intent to Vacate form.