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Miriam – Stories from Students

Posted August 4, 2021 by Matthew Hines

FUSION has done many things to equip me to do the work of evangelism. They’ve equipped us with many different tools and opportunities to go out and use those tools. Without opportunities to use different approaches to evangelism like the “Three Circles” or the “Seven Commands,” you aren’t pushed to share the gospel and you likely won’t get to see any fruit.

As part of the FUSION program, I’ve been encouraged to go out and share about myself. Often, I’m thinking to myself, “Is it worth it for me to share this?” and “Why is it worth it for me to get out of my comfort zone and share this truth?” Spiritually, it’s a life and death matter, so that’s why it’s worth it.

If anyone is considering joining the FUSION program, regardless of expectations, I would tell you: Jesus is worth it. He’s worth following before you join FUSION, he’s worth following when you’re in the program, and he is worth pursuing and following once you leave.

FUSION is an equipping process that helps you get on your feet and step out; it helps you know how to run toward faithfulness and to view faithfulness as a lifelong goal. Though your time in the FUSION program begins and ends, its effects last into eternity.

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