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Online Education, Customized for You.

OnlineYou is a rigorous program of study built from the ground up and specifically tailored for online students engaged in ministry today.

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Desire theological education but find yourself unable to leave your current ministry setting?

OnlineYou is a rigorous program of study built from the ground up and specifically tailored for online students engaged in ministry.

OnlineYou doesn’t just equip students with knowledge; it was designed by scholars in the field to provide students with skills for lifelong Biblical learning and application.

At the forefront of technology, Midwestern uses the most up-to-date version of Canvas as our delivery system, and our online team is always developing new ways to enhance your learning experience.

Anatomy of an Online Degree

Contextualized Training

Strategic, contextualized assignments allow students engaged in ministry to apply information learned in class while implementing skills used in day-to-day ministry. Students can choose to apply material as a pastor, teacher, or scholar would.

7 Terms Begin Each Year

With seven terms a year, you are never more than a few weeks away from starting your degree. Courses are offered in 8-week terms with full loads offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. view our online schedules ›

Online Connect

Students have the opportunity to enhance the online experience with face-to-face learning. Come to Kansas City and meet with your professor 1-on-1 or with a small group.
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Students participate in ministry with a local field supervisor.

A Midwestern instructor provides a framework for the practicum while your field supervisor walks with you through hands-on assignments in your ministry context.


Symposiums allow students to come to campus and engage in a group meeting with classmates and professors. These are offered by Midwestern a few times a year.
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Degrees you can Afford

Our programs are designed to be affordable and equip you for ministry.

About Midwestern Seminary

We serve the church by Biblically educating God-called men & women to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Upon coming to Midwestern, you will be equipped for life and ministry by an esteemed faculty who care not only about your studies but about your personal spiritual development.

Our academic programs include the dual major track, which focuses first on the study of God’s Word, and then branches out to professional training emphases such as business, psychology, music, and humanities.

You will leave here prepared to proclaim the gospel in any setting, across the street or across the world.


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Residential studies at Midwestern

While we know not every student can avail themselves of on-campus education, residential study is an excellent way to experience all that Midwestern has to offer.

Residential studies at Midwestern provide a vital context of student relationships, faculty mentoring, and staff coaching to enhance your degree program experience. We have one of the best online programs in the world, but we still think you should consider studying with us in Kansas City. Because the most important part of your education is not what you learn, but who you become as you learn it.

Why On-Campus Might be right for you