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MA in Biblical Counseling

The MABC degree provides significant training in the principles and methods of biblical counseling, preparing students for service in local churches, biblical counseling centers, and wider ministry settings. The MABC meets current ACBC standards and is not intended to prepare graduates for state licensure.

Students graduating from the MA in Biblical Counseling degree program will be able to do the following:

  1. Evaluate secular and integrative counseling models based on biblical and historical perspectives.
  2. Interpret and apply Scripture to soul-care in local church and related settings using appropriate hermeneutical principles.
  3. Address the most common counseling problems and challenges of counseling using appropriate methods of biblical counseling.
  4. Formulate a personal strategy of biblical counseling for ministry in the local church.

Biblical Counseling Course Catalog


BS2210 Old Testament Survey I
BS 2211 Old Testament Survey II
BS 2310 New Testament Survey I
BS 2311 New Testament Survey II
BS 2400 Introduction to Hermeneutics
HT3200 Theology I
HT3201 Theology II
HT3100 History of Christianity I
HT3101 History of Christianity II
HT3400 Christian Ethics
GS1801 Integrative I, Leadership (1 hr)
GS1802 Integrative II, Assessment (1 hr)
GS1803 Integrative III, Capstone (1 hr)

Biblical Counseling Emphasis (27 HOURS)

BC5510 Biblical Counseling in the Local Church
BC5511 Biblical Interpretation & Counseling Methods
BC5512 History & Theology of Soul-Care
BC5501 Biblical Counseling & Psychological Theories (Renamed)
BC5522 Marriage & Family Counseling
BC5513 Biblical Counseling & Emotional Issues
BC5514 Addictive Behaviors & Biblical Counseling
BC5515 Supervised Counseling Practicum I
BC5516 Supervised Counseling Practicum II