Doctoral Student FAQ

Where do I go to find the doctoral schedule?

The current schedule can be found on the Current Students page.

How do I enroll for classes?

Please download the instructions How to Register Online for detailed instructions in registering for courses through the student portal.

For Doctoral Students
Current Students

For ThM Students
Current Students

For leveling courses (Greek, Hebrew, French, German, etc)
Current Students

How do I drop a course?
Complete a Drop Form

I know I am allowed to drop up to two doctoral courses. What if I drop the doctoral course before the start of the course?

No.  If you drop your doctoral course prior to the start date of the course there is no fee and it is not considered one of your two allowable drops.

What if I an emergency comes up and I cannot be there for part of the on campus portion of my seminar?

Regrettably, you will be dropped from the course if you must miss more than 1 hour of the on campus portion of the seminar.

I am coming to campus for my seminar.  Is there lodging on campus?  Or is there a special rate a local hotel for Midwestern students?
While Midwestern is still experiencing substantial growth in all programs, limited commuter housing for doctoral students is now available in the spring term on a first come, first serve basis. Please visit our Guest Housing page to make a reservation request. You are also welcome to stay at a local hotel. While we do not have a special rate with any chain, the hotels by the MCI airport are only about 15 minutes from campus and are priced competitively. The drive between MCI and MBTS campus is straightforward and easy in the morning commute.

I am coming for class.  What do I need for parking?

For rental cars – a temporary tag is required.  This is free and must be requested each trip to campus for your seminars.

For your personal car – a student parking sticker is required.  There is a $10 fee, but you will not need to worry about needing one each time you come to campus.

Fill out the Vehicle Registration Form

I have recently moved my membership to a new church.  What is required of me from the doctoral office? 

Please have the appropriate person from that church complete the Church Endorsement Form.

I was admitted when I was a member of a non-SBC church.  I moved my membership and now I am a member of an SBC church.  Will my tuition be reflective of this change?

Once we receive the Church Endorsement we will note the change.  The tuition rate will change at the next billing cycle.  Tuition will not be adjusted in the middle of a term.

Is there a form I can use to track the courses that I need for my degree & emphasis?

Yes!  Our Audit Forms are great for showing you the courses you need.  Plan your courses by always giving priority to your emphasis course as they are on a rotation.  Core courses are offered regularly and can be taken where you have gaps in your emphasis courses.  Here is the link to the various Audit Forms.

I need to pause my studies due to a move, health concern or another important life event.  I would like to request interrupted status.  How do I notify the doctoral office?  What are the due dates for requesting interrupted status?

Interrupted status can be requested by completing the Interrupted Status Request form.  The request will be added to the next Doctoral Studies Committee agenda for approval.  Approved requests submitted prior to the start of the requested term are subject to a $500 Interrupted Status Fee.  Approved requests submitted after the start of the requested term are subject to a $750 Interrupted Status Fee.  Requests for a spring term must be submitted no later than April 30th.  Requests for the fall term must be submitted no later than October 31st.  Tuition is removed for the terms requested once the request has been approved by the Doctoral Studies Committee.

When do I get my student ID? 

Student IDs are provided to you in the Colloquium seminar.  If you are not required to complete the Colloquium seminar or if you are a ThM student not completing the Colloquium seminar first please let our office know and we will work to get you a student ID mailed to you.

Is it really important that I send and receive emails via my Midwestern assigned email account? 

Yes!  We are required to handle all correspondence to your Midwestern assigned email account.  You are also required to send emails from your Midwestern email account.  The easiest way to manage your account (if you have a smart phone or tablet) is to add your Midwestern email to your phone/tablet.  Our IT team has an IT Helpdesk Page on our website that can walk you through it.

What information should I include in an email to a professor or staff member when I am asking about a course I have/am/will be taking?

Because we have so many courses running at one time you should always include the course number, title and section number in your correspondence.   Providing us with the information we need to issue a response saves time for both parties involved.

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