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Doctoral FAQ

What are the language requirements?

The professional doctorate degrees (DMin, DEdMin, EdD) do not generally require additional language studies. Most of the PhD emphases require 6 hours of Greek and 6 hours of Hebrew. All PhD programs require a graduate level research language (German, French, Latin or Statistics, as appropriate for the program of study) during the first two years of study. The PhD in Biblical Studies (no emphasis) requires 12 hours of both Greek and Hebrew; the PhD in Biblical Studies, OT emphasis requires 12 hours of Hebrew, 6 hours of Greek; the PhD in Biblical Studies, NT emphasis requires 6 hours of Hebrew, 12 hours of Greek.

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How do the seminars work?

The doctoral seminars involve five-day intensive seminars. Generally, students take two or three seminars per year. Most seminars are held on the MBTS campus and require significant pre-seminar and post-seminar research and writing. The DMin, DEdMin and EdD programs also utilize online courses. Typical coursework for any seminar includes (but is not limited to) 500-800 pages of reading per credit hour, interviews/outlines/ projects, research papers and a comprehensive closing paper. Each seminar is designed to point students toward the end goal of a dissertation.

What are the basic requirements for admission?

Each doctoral program is designed to follow a particular type of master’s degree, but exceptions are available. To have your transcripts evaluated for the degree you are interested in, simply submit your file to the doctoral office for a personalized evaluation. Typically, the program choices are as follows:

  • DMin follows an MDiv or equivalent.
  • DEdMin & EdD follows a MACE or MARE or equivalent.
  • PhD follows a ThM, MABL MDiv or other theological Master of Arts degree of 52 or more semester hours duration.

How long does the program take?

The Doctor of Ministry can be completed in three years. The Doctor of Educational Ministry and Doctor of Education can be completed in four years. The Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies can be completed in four to five years.

When are the applications due?

The doctoral programs are open enrollment, which means applications are received and reviewed monthly. The orientation course, Doctoral Colloquium, is offered at least three times per year to accommodate a timely start to your studies.