Master of Theology (ThM)

The ThM at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is offered to enable students of substantial ability to continue academic research beyond the MDiv (or an equivalent degree from an accredited institution). The program prepares students for additional graduate study, doctoral work, and other specialized types of ministry, including teaching secondary and postsecondary Christian institutions.

At least one third of the degree must be taken on the main campus in Kansas City, Missouri.

Students completing the ThM program will be able to do the following:

  1. Develop an area of theological specialization and relate this work to the larger context of theological study and ministry.
  2. Conduct advanced research using standard scholarly tools and methods.
  3. Develop advanced knowledge and skill in the task of biblical interpretation.

Course List

Master of Theology Core

  • BS2200 Hebrew I (3 hrs)
  • BS2201 Hebrew II (3 hrs)
  • BS2300 Greek I (3 hrs)
  • BS2301 Greek II (3 hrs)
  • DR30020 Doctoral Studies Colloquium (4 hrs)
  • DR35090 Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics (4 hrs)


Research Language Emphasis, add…

  • HT3510 Theological German (3 hrs) OR HT3520 Theological French (3 hrs)
  • DR39050 Comprehensive Examination (4 hrs)

Pedagogy Emphasis add…

  • DR34080 Teaching Principles and Methods in Higher Education (4 hrs)
  • DR39050 Comprehensive Examination (4 hrs)

Practical Theology Emphasis add…

  • DR39051 Practical Theology Comprehensive Examination (4 hrs)