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MA in Worship Ministries

Midwestern offers the Master of Arts in Worship Ministries degree (MAWM) with a primary focus on equipping an individual for leadership in the specialized area of worship and music ministry. Because we exist to serve the church, efforts to prepare students to serve a myriad of local-church contexts includes a foundation in biblical and theological course study while integrating a theology and philosophy of worship and acquiring the basic musical and unique ministerial skills with which one may oversee, develop, and grow such ministries.

The MAWM degree is a master’s degree designed to be completed by proficient, full- time students within two years. While an undergraduate degree in music is desirable, it is not required nor is it a prerequisite for admission to the degree program. Please note, however, that all incoming MAWM students must show proficiency in fundamental musical skills and will be required to take a short series of competency tests* upon entering the program—scheduled during the week of orientation—in the areas of music theory, conducting, piano, and church-music history, as well as a proficiency in a major musical skill such as singing or playing an instrument.

[*See “Competency Test” information in the Course Descriptions section for a thorough explanation.]

Students graduating from the Master of Arts in Worship Ministries degree will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate appropriate competencies in music theory, history, and literature.
  2. Demonstrate a high level of applied musical skills and performance discipline.
  3. Demonstrate organizational and leadership skills in worship and church music ministry.
  4. Integrate a Christian lifestyle and professional musical development.
  5. Demonstrate a balanced approach to church music.

Worship Ministries Course Catalog


  • BS2210 Old Testament Survey I or BS2211 Old Testament Survey II
  • BS2310 New Testament Survey I or BS2311 New Testament Survey II
  • CE8301 Church Administration
  • HT3101 History of Christianity II OR HT3110 Baptist History
  • HT3200 Theology I
  • HT3201 Theology II
  • HT3400 Christian Ethics
  • MN5060 Evangelism & Discipleship
  • MS7011 Missiology
  • GS1801 Integrative I, Leadership (1 hr)
  • GS1802 Integrative II, Assessment (1 hr)
  • GS1803 Integrative III, Assessment (1 hr)


  • CM9100 Biblical Foundations of Worship
  • CM9205 Survey of Christian Worship & Congregational Song
  • CM9421 Worship Technology
  • CM9401 Worship Ministry Administration
  • CM9403 Corporate Worship Leadership
  • CM9103 Preparing Vocalists for Worship
  • CM9104 Preparing Instrumentalists for Worship
  • CM9565 Integrative Worship Ministry Experience

Applied Music Lessons (3 hrs)

  • Choose major lesson area from voice, guitar, or piano (3 consecutive semesters at one (1) credit hour per semester)

Music Ensemble Participation (3 hrs)
3 semesters. Choose from the following: 9580 Chapel Choir, CM9582 Chapel Band I/II*, CM9583 Voices of Midwestern**
*audition only
**audition only / traveling group / both vocalists and instrumentalists