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MA in Intercultural Studies

A 36-hour master’s degree offered in two distinctive curriculum tracks, MAIS Standard and MAIS Fusion-Masters. Students may complete the MAIS Standard curriculum by completing 27 hours of a Foundational Core courses and 9 hours of Intercultural Studies courses.

Students may complete the MAIS Fusion-Masters curriculum in two phases. In phase one, students will complete the 27 hours of Foundational Core courses in consecutive fall, winter, and spring terms.[1] While enrolled in these courses, students will be placed in a cohort of other MAIS Fusion-Masters students, and participate in weekly in-person meetings with MBTS missions faculty.

In the summer following the completion of the Foundational Core courses, students will deploy to partner with IMB personnel for the Fusion-Masters Practicums phase, also known as phase II. During phase II, students will complete the remaining 9 hours. IMB personnel will supervise these practicum courses, and an MBTS missions faculty will serve as the professor of record. 

MAIS Program Outcomes

Students graduating from the MA in Intercultural Studies degree program will be able to do the following:

  1. Interpret Scripture using theologically and historically informed principles
  2. Demonstrate skill in communicating biblical truth cross-culturally
  3. Demonstrate cooperative leadership skills in a missions context.
  4. Identify biblically faithful and culturally relevant strategies for church planting in a missions context.

[1] Students are required to take the On-Campus Sections of MN 5060 Evangelism & Discipleship and MN 7011 Missiology.

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Course Catalog

Foundational Core (27 hrs)

2210     Old Testament Survey I (3 hrs)
2211     Old Testament Survey II (3 hrs)
2310     New Testament Survey I (3 hrs)
2311     New Testament Survey II (3 hrs)
2400     Introduction to Hermeneutics (3 hrs)
3200     Theology I (3 hrs)
3201     Theology II (3 hrs)
5060     Evangelism and Discipleship (3 hrs)
7011     Missiology (3 hrs)

Emphasis (Standard or Fusions Masters) (9hrs)

Total Hours (36hrs)



Foundational Core (27hrs)
Intercultural Studies Emphasis (9hrs)

7205  Introduction to Orality and Oral Cultures (3hrs)
7207  Missionary Anthropology Practicum (3hrs)
7221  Cross-Cultural Church Planting Practicum (3hrs)

Fusion Masters Track

Foundational Core (Phase I) (27hrs)
Fusion Graduate Track (Phase II) (9hrs)

MS 7217 International Church Planting I (3hrs)
MS 7218 International Church Planting II (3hrs)
MS 7219 International Church Planting III (3hrs)