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Doctor of Educational Ministry (DEdMin)

The Doctor of Educational Ministry program is designed to provide qualified students a high level of professional excellence in the practice of educational ministry. The program is divided into four major components: Professional Doctoral Core Seminars, Advanced Educational Foundational Seminars, Advanced Educational Focus Seminars, and the Ministry Project Dissertation. Both online and on-campus seminars are available.

The theory, relationships, strategy, and practical elements in Christian Education are integrated into each Foundation and Focus Seminar. These then flow into the ministry dissertation project.

Students may choose from a number of specializations by adapting the seminars to personal interest or ministry settings. Directed studies, conferences, and research type seminars are available for students seeking advanced training in a particular ministry field.

The DEdMin degree is a 38-hour program designed to be completed in four years.

DEdMin Degree Outcomes
Students graduating from a Professional Doctoral Studies program will be able to:

  1. Integrate and articulate advanced educational theory, philosophy, and practice within a biblical worldview
  2. Equip and assess teachers and leaders in educational theory and practice
  3. Organize and equip others to carry out ministry strategies with a high level of competence
  4. Move beyond routinely accepted ministry processes towards new dimensions, methods, and approaches to mobilization and discipleship
  5. Move beyond routinely accepted techniques of ministry toward new dimensions, methods, and outreach
  6. Integrate and articulate educational philosophy, educational theory, and a biblical worldview
  7. Train other teachers and leaders in educational theory and practice.

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Professional Doctoral Core
30020 Doctoral Studies Colloquium
30060 Integrating Christian Faith & Practice
30090 Dissertation Seminar

Advanced Educational Foundations (chose two)
34810 Educational Theory and Ministry Practice
34820 Life Span Development & Educational Practice
34850 Educational Leadership

Standard Program (Choose Three)
34080 Teaching Principles & Methods in Higher Education
34860 Educational Organization & Administration
34891 Current Issues in Christian Education
34892 Conference, Research & Report (Limit of 8 hours)
34893 Advanced Research, Reading & Report
39011 Directed Study (Limit of 8 hours)

Worship Ministry
31310 A Biblical Theology of Worship, Culture, Music and the Arts: Discipling for the Musician-Theologian
31077 Worship Ministries Conference Seminar: Sing!
31075 Leading and Discipling for the Musician-Theologian

Dissertation (6 hours)
Total Credit Hours: 38