Faculty Positions

There are no current faculty positions.

Staff Positions

Director of Student Life & Events

The Institutional Relations division exists to recruit and retain students, donors, and friends. The Director of Student Life and Events contributes to this mission by cultivating vibrant and attractive student life experiences and excellent conferences as well as other outward facing events.

Create and Manage Strategic Conferences
• Develop and manage For the Church Conference, 9Marks, and Ready.
• Develop and manage marketing strategies in conjunction with Communications.
• Leverage intelligence from prior years for the betterment of 2018/19.
Create and Manage Strategic Student Life Events and Initiatives
• Work with Communications Office to develop a promotional playbook.
• Leverage Events for Admissions Office.
Create, Track, and Utilize Systems Pertaining to Events
• Maintain an observable physical and digital folder system containing files detailing all pertinent information.
• Save, keep, and utilize accurate data regarding event attendance, cost, and revenue.
Overall Management of Office Staff & Budget
• Budget development and oversight.
• Utilize a precise and up to date excel sheet budget.
• 3% growth in overall on-campus student retention.
• 30% growth in total attendance at Fall Festival and Spring Picnic.
• 100% growth in numerical participation of MBTSServe.
• 100% growth in Sponsorship revenue per FTC18, Ready 19, Fusion 5k, FTC Dallas.
• 25% growth in Conference revenue for FTC18.
• Productivity: Improve upon efficient task completion and wise usage of resources.
• Records: Keep precise attendance at events in order to sufficiently track growth and project goals.
• Communication: Communicate more sufficiently SL&E expectations and information prior to events and activities.

Contact ir@mbts.edu for more information

Maintenance Technician

Job Description:
Housing maintenance employees will be responsible for maintaining the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural aspects of all buildings in the Housing department.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities:
Include, but are not limited to the following:
•Have a working knowledge of plumbing system including but not limited to: drain lines, water lines, soldering copper lines, working with cast iron and galvanized lines, toilet repair.
•Have a familiarity with the electrical systems for commercial and residential buildings.
•Have a working knowledge of heating and cooling systems in both residential and commercial buildings and preferably a familiarity with mini-split systems and chiller/boiler systems.
•Responsible for the completion of all maintenance service requests as assigned.
•Complete make-ready process of vacant apartments as directed by the Housing Maintenance Supervisor.
•Work within expense limits established.
•Maintain inventory controls for cost effective operations.
•Schedule and complete the “Preventative Maintenance Program”.
•Coordinate special projects as directed by the Housing Maintenance Supervisor.
•Assist in monitoring all work being performed by outside contractors.
•Carry pager/cell phone as required for on-call maintenance.
•Monitor and maintain all building systems as assigned.
•Responsible for alerting the Maintenance Supervisor of any unusual occurrence and/or damage that have taken place or that may occur.
•Maintain a professional courteous manner with all residents, vendors, contractors, and fellow employees.
•Assure safety standards are used which comply with all company, local, City, State and Federal guidelines.
•Follow established company policies and those outlined in the Employee Guidebook.
•This job requires exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 25 to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or 10 to 20 pounds of force constantly.
•Special projects and other responsibilities as may be determined.
•Valid driver’s license
•Ability to read, analyze and interpret software and hardware instructions
•Have the ability to use common office productivity and maintenance software
•Ability to work in extreme temperature and weather conditions
•Ability to read, analyze and interpret blue prints, schematics, professional journals, technical bulletins, National Electric Codes and local government codes and regulations

Contact Garet Halbert, ghalbert@mbts.edu

Application for On-Campus Employment

Student Opportunities

THERE ARE ALWAYS OPPORTUNITIES for student employment at Midwestern Seminary. Home to Sprint, H&R Block, AMC Theaters, Applebee’s, Hallmark and more, Kansas City has been called the “heart of entrepreneurship in the Midwest.” The thriving business community provides ample jobs in the area. Just a few examples of employment for students can be found at places like these:

For additional employment opportunities, please visit KansasCityJobs.net. You can search job boards, company career pages, and associations for jobs in Kansas City with one search. This is a free service with no registration necessary.

For students wishing to access available ministry positions, login to the Student Portal, then click Job Search.

Work-Study Opportunities

No Current Positions Available.