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Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program is an annual opportunity for a select group of Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College students to serve the seminary, college, and her constituents. Students will be chosen each year to lead on-campus events and travel on behalf of the school. With insight from local leaders, faculty, and staff, these students will receive unique experience and practical skills in preparation for a lifetime of fruitful ministry.

As representatives of Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College, student leaders must exhibit the integrity and character in keeping with the honor of Christian service in God’s kingdom. Leaders will be expected to practice hospitality to guests and friends of the seminary and college with a servant-hearted attitude and willingness to put others before self-interest.

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*Applications are open from February 1st – February 29th

The Character of a Student Leader

  • Possess a testimony of God’s salvation marked by the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • Eagerness to serve and willingness to receive training.
  • Desire to work with excellence in all assigned duties.
  • Participation in a local church and the pursuit of unity among team members.
  • In good standing with Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College.

Responsibilities of a Student Leader

  • Participate in weekly Friday meetings, including:
    • Leadership development readings, guest lectures, and fellowship.
    • Calling current, former, and future students, as well as donors.
    • Write letters and performing other activities to aid Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College.
  • Participate in hosting on-campus events:
    • Donor dinners, Preview Day, New Student Orientation, Graduations, and various events hosted by Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College.
    • Select Student Leaders will also travel on behalf of Midwestern Seminary or Spurgeon College:
      • These students might recruit on behalf of the seminary or college at up to 5 events per semester.

Compensation of a Student Leader

  • Stipend amount of $2,000 per semester.
  • The stipend will be awarded either at the beginning of the semester, or in payments throughout the semester.
  • Unique networking opportunities working with different staff, faculty, visitors, and speakers.

Resident Assistants




STATUS:  Part-Time (Flexible Schedule)

REPORT TO:  Director and Assistant Director of Student Life & Events

OVERVIEW:  The Office of Student Life & Events exists to create a vibrant campus environment, and to provide students with activities that promote growth, discipleship, and community.  The Resident Assistant supports this mission by serving residents within campus housing and assisting within the office of Student Life & Events.

  • This position is a considered a flexible shift requiring a minimum 4 hours in the office weekly, and attendance at all additional assigned events.
  • Due to the nature of the position, the RA is “on call” to some degree, and as a result some weeks may require more work hours than others. As a result, this position requires a level of flexibly and availability, including nights and weekends.


  • Oversee and serve residents within campus housing
  • Basic administrative tasks within campus housing
  • Promote community and growth among residents, and serve as a resource for students
  • Intentional discipleship among residents - spiritual encouragement and church connection
  • Contribute to area and campus event planning and preparation (all hands-on deck conferences or events)
  • Basic administrative tasks within the office of Student Life & Events:
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned:
    • Move-in days and vacates/checkouts for students
    • Room checks bi-weekly for undergraduates and monthly for graduates
    • Communicating events to students and participating when possible
    • Dorm meetings as needed
    • Communicating maintenance plans and helping with work orders or emergency maintenance if necessary
    • Assist Student Life Assistant Director with disciplinary incidents, mental issues, or health concerns (bereavement, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, etc.)
    • Following Title IX and Clery Act rules with reporting and care for students - work with Title IX Coordinator and Assistant Director of Student Life
    • Area events 3 times a semester - coordinate financial means with Assistant Director of Student Life


  • Must be a current MBTS or Spurgeon College student, at any degree level
  • Interpersonal skills appropriate for interaction with faculty, staff, students, and guests
  • Ability to maintain satisfactory attendance and punctuality standard
  • Standard administrative skills (Email, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Must commit to a full year contract


  • Each Resident Assistant receives a full year’s housing stipend as payment for their role.
  • For an Undergraduate Resident Assistant, this includes a meal plan.
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