Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program is an annual opportunity for a select group of Midwestern Seminary students to serve the seminary and her constituents. Students will be chosen each year to lead on-campus events and travel on behalf of the school. With insight from local leaders, faculty, and staff, these students will receive unique experience and practical skills in preparation for a lifetime of fruitful ministry.

As representatives of Midwestern Seminary, student leaders must exhibit the integrity and character in keeping with the honor of Christian service in God’s kingdom. Leaders will be expected to practice hospitality to guests and friends of the seminary with a servant-hearted attitude and willingness to put others before self-interest.

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The Character of a Student Leader

  • Possess a testimony of God’s salvation marked by the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • Eagerness to serve and willingness to receive training.
  • Desire to work with excellence in all assigned duties.
  • Participation in a local church and the pursuit of unity among team members.
  • In good standing with Midwestern Seminary.

Responsibilities of a Student Leader

  • Participate in weekly Thursday night meetings, including:
    • Leadership development readings, guest lectures, and fellowship.
    • Calling current, former, and future students, as well as donors.
    • Write letters and performing other activities to aid Midwestern Seminary.
  • Participate in hosting on-campus events:
    • Donor dinners, Preview day, New Student Orientation, Graduations, and various events hosted by Midwestern Seminary.
    • Select Student Leaders will also travel on behalf of Midwestern Seminary:
    • These students will recruit on behalf of the seminary at 5 events per semester.

Compensation of a Student Leader

  • Stipend amount of $2,000 per semester.
  • The stipend will be awarded either at the beginning of the semester, or in payments throughout the semester.
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