Spring 2019 Courses

Course Highlights

Köstenberger offers Jesus and the Gospels course

Our new research professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, Dr. Andreas Köstenberger, will offer his first course as an on-campus elective course in Biblical Theology for graduate students on the Jesus and the Gospels. As electives like this are not offered every semester, this is a great opportunity to learn and study with a gifted scholar about our Lord Jesus and how to read and understand the four Gospels. If you have not yet taken New Testament Survey 1, this course can serve as a substitution for that course as well. Knowledge of Greek will be helpful for this class, but is not required as a prerequisite. To learn more about Dr. Köstenberger and his ministry of scholarship and teaching, read here »

President Allen offers The Gospel Coalition Course

Whether you live in Kansas City or some other part of the United States, if you plan to attend the biannual conference of The Gospel Coalition in Indianapolis, IN April 1-3, 2019, you can receive credit by enrolling in a special course taught by our president, Dr. Jason K. Allen, called “The Pastor and the Gospel.” For graduate students: this course will count as the required Leadership Practicum course, or, if you have already taken that course, you can take the Personal Leadership Practicum course as an elective. For undergraduate students, you can take it as the Personal Leadership Practicum course as an elective.

Wilson offers Pastoral Ministry course in Spurgeon College

Noted author, speaker, and Director of Content Strategy at Midwestern and Managing Editor of For the Church, Jared C. Wilson, will teach the undergraduate Pastoral Ministry course for Spurgeon College students. This is a great opportunity to learn and study pastoral care with someone who has served in a variety of local church contexts for over twenty years of ministry. To learn more about Jared Wilson, read here »

Evangelism & Missions Trips

For all students, local to Kansas City or residing some distance away from campus, there are two opportunities to receive credit for participation in Evangelism and Missions Trips this Spring for both graduate and undergraduate students.

New Orleans Trip | February 28-March 3, 2019

Join Dr. Tom Johnston in New Orleans, LA, for evangelism outreach during Mardi Gras. Graduate students can earn credit for the Evangelism Practicum course and undergraduate students the Personal Evangelism and Discipleship Course.

Brazil Trip | April 12-22, 2019

Join Dr. Robin Hadaway in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for evangelism outreach and working with local missionaries in this needy city. Earn up to 6hrs credit: Graduate students: Missions Practicum and/or Evangelism & Discipleship. Undergraduate students: Missions Practicum and/or Personal Evangelism & Discipleship.

Spring 2019


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SP-19 Registration Deadlines
On-CampusJan. 7
Online Term AJan. 7
Online Term BMarch 4
Online Term CJan. 7

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Warm Up Your Winter

Winter Term

Ministry training doesn’t take a holiday, so we’ve got a gift to get you equipped. We’re offering an exciting array of winter courses this year, including new 4-week online offerings and one-week on-campus intensives.

Winter Term (Dec. 10-Jan. 11) consists of a four-week online term and four one-week on-campus intensives that meet from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and have additional course work due in the weeks after the class meets on campus.

We’re offering: Introduction to Hermeneutics, Old Testament I, New Testament II, Baptist History, Introduction to Apologetics, Theology I, Introduction to Ethics, and more.

Maximize your studies with the winter course advantage as you work toward graduating sooner. Registration opens Monday, September 17.

Winter 2018


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WI-18 Registration Deadlines
On-CampusDec. 3
Online TermDec. 3

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Fall 2018 Courses


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Registration Deadlines

On Campus Deadline – August 13
Online Term A – August 13
Online Term B – October 8
Online Term C – August 13

How to Enroll for Classes

Log In:

Log into the Student Portal using the same Username and Password you use to log into Canvas. If you don’t know what your Username and Password are, contact the MBTS Helpdesk at helpdesk@mbts.edu of 816-414-3763.

Check the Term:

Make sure that the correct term is displayed

Click on Registration

See menu on left side of screen.

Show Filter:

Click the tab that says, Show Filter. This opens up some additional dialog boxes.

Choose the Correct Campus

Underneath the title, Course Access Campus, you’ll see 3 different boxes you can check:

If you want to enroll in a course that’s meeting on the Main campus in Kansas City, check “MAIN.”

If you want to enroll in an ONLINE course, check “ONLINE.”

Type the Course Number:

Underneath the title, Course ID Filter you’ll see 4 dialog boxes. In the one entitled, Course # type the number of one of the courses you want to take this fall.

Undergraduate courses have 3 digits in the course number, like this: BS115 or HT411. (Sometimes undergraduate courses have a “U-” in front of the course numbers, like this: U-HT411. This helps designate them as undergraduate courses.)

Graduate (Master’s level) courses have 4 digits in the course number, like this:
BS2101 or HT3100.

In the Course # box, type only the numerals for the course number you want to enroll in. Leave off the letter prefixes.

Apply Filter:

Scroll down and click on “Apply Filter.” The course you want will display below.

There may be more than one “Section” of the course you want. Make sure you choose the section that will fit with the rest of your schedule.

Use That Filter:

Also, if you want to take an ONLINE course, make sure you’re no signing up for an ON-CAMPUS course, and vice-versa.

Check the “Credit” Box

To enroll in the class you see listed, check the box beside the word “Credit.”

When you click in this box, that will place the course in your “Shopping Cart” until you finish choosing all your courses.


If you want to enroll in another course, repeat Steps 4-8 above.

Process Registration:

When you’re finished selecting all your courses, click on “Process Registration” at the bottom right of the screen. The courses you just
enrolled in will be displayed.

If you want to, you can click on “Go to Ledger” to continue to the “My Ledger” page, where you can review your charges and make payment.