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Midwestern College provides a unique environment for training future leaders to make a long-term impact on the World for Jesus Christ.


01 Intro

Welcome to Midwestern College

Midwestern College exists to prepare and equip students to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our students continue to be agents of change both in the United States and around the world. Midwestern’s unique environment fosters spiritual, personal and academic growth as students deepen in their understanding of the Word of God and the world he created. Are you ready to make a difference?

02 About

Learn from a Biblical Worldview.

Midwestern Baptist College exists to train men and women to be prepared to follow God’s call wherever it may lead. Upon coming to Midwestern, you will be equipped for life and ministry by an esteemed faculty who not only care about your studies but about your personal spiritual development as well. Our academic programs include the dual major track, which focuses first on the study of God’s Word, and then branches out to professional training emphases such as business, psychology, music, and humanities. You will not only leave here prepared to proclaim the gospel; you will do so in any environment the Lord places you.

Additionally, if missions is a desire God has placed upon your heart, then look into our Fusion track. In Fusion, Midwestern College teams with the International Mission Board for a semester of intentional ministry training and a semester of on-the-field international missions experience under the guidance of IMB missionaries. These are only two highlights of what we offer at Midwestern College, so be sure to check out the rest of our website to learn more.

If you feel God is calling you to join our Midwestern community, please contact our admissions team for more information or to arrange an opportunity to personally tour our campus. As God leads, come join us for your college experience, where you will receive an excellent, Christ-centered education at an affordable price, but more importantly, you will leave prepared to serve Him for the Church.

President   |   Dr. Jason K. Allen

Living on the campus of Midwestern College, located so close to beautiful downtown Kansas City, has given me both a great community and numerous opportunities to be engaged in and serve in this city.

Sonia Blank, Alumna

03 Academics

Prepare to Make an Impact.

Midwestern College provides a rigorous academic environment designed to prepare students to engage a rapidly changing global environment. Available online and on campus, our academic programing connects students to the practical realities of ministry-track careers with the end goal of preparing men and women for kingdom service always in view.

B.A. in Christian Ministry

Designed to give you access to ministry leadership, our BA in Christian Ministry provides a broad foundation for serving churches, Christian education groups, para-church ministries and mission organizations. When paired with one of our double-majors, students can increase their platform for service in even broader environments like business, counseling and music. The BA in Christian Ministry gives you the flexibility to minister where you are and complete your degree.

Degree Information

B.A. in Biblical Studies

Dive into the Biblical world as you immerse yourself in the Bible including studies in Greek and Hebrew. The BA in Biblical Studies combines a rigorous Biblical education with a practical skill set designed to produce effective pastors and church leaders. Pair your degree with a double major in business, music, humanities or counseling to maximize your flexibility for service in God’s kingdom.

Degree Information


What if you could complete a BA in Biblical Studies and the standard degree for ministry – the M.Div. – in only 5 years? If you have a clear calling to ministry, a GPA of 3.0 or higher and a willingness to work hard for the next five years, let us show you how you can accelerate your ministry training!

Learn more about Accelerate


Engage unreached people groups with the Gospel while in college? You bet. Fusion is a four-year process that begins with specialized missions training during the first semester. By the second semester, students are deployed into mission fields around the globe. Upon returning, students complete their training over the next three years and earn a BA in Christian Ministry with a Missions Focus – the perfect degree for serving in an international ministry after graduation.

Adult Degree Completion

Finish what you started. Get your BA in Biblical Studies and earn up to 24 credit hours based on college-level knowledge and skills. You have the experience, now finish the degree! If you are over 25 years old and have at least 5 years of experience in a career field, let our admissions department help you analyze your credits to see if this might be a good fit for you.

04 Student Life

Belong to a Community

Midwestern College provides opportunities for you! Student life begins on our campus where each student experiences a wealth of opportunities for personal growth. From impromptu games of ultimate Frisbee to exhilarating chapels or even a night out on the town, students join together to help each other mature in their faith and reach the broader KC metro for Christ. You can find students sipping coffee in the local shops and then heading out on strategic evangelism teams. At Midwestern, we provide a context for you to mature into the man or woman God called you to be.

05 Cost and Aid

Affordable. Valuable.

Midwestern believes you can attend school without incurring massive amounts of debt. We are consistently ranked in the top five most affordable private schools in the state of Missouri and are proud of that fact. Our rigorous curriculum prepares you for the future and allows you to be ready to serve wherever God calls you.

You Can Afford College

Let one of our financial aid representatives help you understand how you can make a Midwestern education work for you on your budget. We have a variety of scholarships, loan programs and grants available to meet almost every student need.

Financial Services

A Great Investment

Preparing for your future is an investment in yourself and your calling. Don’t miss out on God’s leading for your life and ministry. Prepare today for a lifetime of service!