Free Sermon Resource for Pastors

Pastors, in this unique season, many of you have moved your weekly activities online. Moreover, with present circumstances and the increased need for additional communication and care, preaching a weekly sermon weighs heavy.

We’re here to serve you in the weeks ahead with a collection of top sermons from the faculty of Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College. If you’re needing to take a Sunday off to care for yourself, your family, and your church body, take advantage of these free sermon resources and allow us to stand in the gap.

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Jason K. Allen

Matthew 16:13-20
The significance of the local church for God’s mission and for our Christian lives cannot be overstated. Preaching from Matthew 16:13-20, Dr. Jason Allen reflects on the glory, the majesty, and the centrality of the Church.

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H.B. Charles, Jr.

Psalm 91
What does it mean to live in the protective custody of God? Preaching from Psalm 91, H.B Charles teaches that it is a life of confident trust, total security, and Divine assurance.

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Jared C. Wilson

Mark 5:21-43
Waiting is an essential part of the Christian life; it is embedded in the hope of Christianity. But waiting is difficult. Jared Wilson teaches us from the book of Mark that there is no wait too long for the Lord who is always on time.

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Owen Strachan

Genesis 3
Questions about the existence of God and the meaning of life pervade our culture: Is God dead? Does life really have meaning? Preaching from Genesis 3, Dr. Strachan reflects on the enemy’s attack on God’s good design for humanity.

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Jason DeRouchie

Ecclesiastes 11:7-12
How can we be satisfied in God when we cannot fully grasp all of his ways in this crooked and confused world? Dr. DeRouchie encourages listeners from the book of Ecclesiastes to look to God as a source of comfort and solutions in times of trouble.

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Steven Smith

Luke 11:1-3
Why do some prayers get answered, while others are met with silence? Dr. Steven Smith teaches from the book of Luke, reminding listeners that God promises us his presence as the ultimate answer to our prayers.

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Stephen Rummage

Matthew 25:14-30
This life is preparation for what Christ has for us in eternity. Dr. Rummage teaches from the parable of the talents about living with your feet on the ground and your eyes on eternity.

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Andrew King

Numbers 15:32-36
The road to ruin is paved with seemingly insignificant sins. Preaching from Numbers 15, Dr. King reflects on the severity of sin and the hope we have in light of the supremacy of our Savior.

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Robert Matz

Titus 3:12-15
Why should we “send” the gospel? Dr. Matz preaches from the book of Titus on the New Testament missions strategy, reminding listeners that sending the gospel will require a method, money, and a mindset that matches our message.

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Dale Johnson

James 1
We can trust that God speaks to the issues the world attemps to describe and categorize. Preaching from James 1, Dr. Johnson contrasts worldly wisdom with the hope, help, and beauty of the Word of God.

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Charles Smith

Nehemiah 1
Leadership is not the privilege of the few; it is the responsibility of all Christians. Preaching from Nehemiah 1, Charles Smith reflects on reclaiming and recommitting to God’s call to take initiative for the glory of God and the good of others.

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John Mark Yeats

James 3:1-12
Our tongue has the greatest potential for good as well as the greatest potential for evil. Preaching from James 3, Dr. John Mark Yeats reminds listeners that what we say and how we speak matters because we represent Jesus Christ.

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