Midwestern Seminary at ETS

Midwestern Seminary will be represented by 22 faculty members and students, as they present scholarly papers and moderate sessions at the 70th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Denver, Colorado, on Nov. 13-15. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Holy Spirit.”



9:00-9:40John LeeThe Synoptic Jesus Exclusively as an Idealized Human Figure? A Response to Kirk’s ProposalTower Building – Mezzanine – Gold
9:00-9:40Michael D. McMullenThe Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the Life and Unpublished Writings of William WilberforceTower Building – Terrace – Terrace
9:00-9:40Andreas J. KöstenbergerA Biblical and Systematic Theology of the Holy SpiritTower Building -2nd Floor – Grand Ballroom I
9:50-10:30Ronni KurtzB.B. Warfield’s Doctrine of Hypostatic Union and its Soteriological SignificancePlaza Building – Lobby -Director’s Row J
9:50-10:30Dustin Jeremy ColemanAn Exegesis of Psalm 90 in Light of the Old Testament NarrativeTower Building – Majestic – Majestic
10:40-11:20Jason K. AllenReformation Homiletics: Assessing Calvin’s Method of Preaching Christ from the Old TestamentTower Building – 2nd Floor – Grand Ballroom II
10:40-11:20Stephen J AndrewsThe Ketef Hinnom Inscriptions and the Existence of Apotropaic Texts in the Hebrew BiblePlaza Building – Plaza Court 8
10:40-11:20David NormanBetween Archibald McLean & Andrew Fuller: Abraham Booth on Faith, Repentance, & JustificationTower Building – Mezzanine – Colorado
10:40-11:20Madison TrammelJohn Wycliffe’s Eucharistic Theology in Ontological ContextTower Building – Terrace – Beverly
11:30-12:10Mark FugittThe Spanish Reconquista as a Theological MovementTower Building – Terrace – Beverly
2:00-2:40Thomas P. JohnstonThe Holy Spirit’s Work According to Peter the Lombard’s “Four Books of Sentences”Plaza Building – Lobby – Director’s Row I
3:40-4:20Jason G. DuesingHistorical Theology for the Church? Retrospect and ProspectPlaza Building – Concourse – Governor’s Square 15
3:40-4:20Rustin J. UmstattdBy the Breath of His Mouth: The Spirit’s Work in Judgement in 2 Thessalonians 2:8Plaza Building – Concourse – Plaza Court 8
3:40-4:20Jason P. KeesWhere the Wild Animals Are: The Inauguration of the Last Days in Mark 1:12-13Tower Building – Terrace – Biltmore
4:30-5:10Thorvald MadsenThe Gift and Task of Spiritual Life in Paul: A View from the Old TestamentTower Building – 2nd Floor – Windows



8:30-11:40Owen StrachanMODERATING: The Holy Spirit, The Power of God, And the Future of Evangelical TheologyPlaza Building – Concourse – Plaza Ballroom A/B
8:30-8:50Matthew BarrettA Question Never Asked: What do the Attributes of God Have to do With the Holy SpiritPlaza Building – Concourse – Plaza Ballroom A/B
8:30-9:10Jenny-Lyn de KlerkThe Puritans on Public Worship in the Local Church: A Deeper Look into Love, Peace, and UnityPlaza Building – Concourse – Plaza Court 7
9:20-10:00Timothy HoweGod’s Cosmic King: The Meaning of “The Image of God” in PaulPlaza Building – Lobby – Director’s Row E
10:20-10:40Owen StrachanThe Spirit’s Power Displayed in EcclesiologyPlaza Building – Concourse – Plaza Ballroom A/B
3:00-6:10Matthew BarrettMODERATING: Reflections on Michael Horton’s Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and th Future of Pneumatology in DogmaticsTower Building – 2nd Floor – Windows
3:00-6:10Ronni KurtzMODERATING: Reflections on Michael Horton’s Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and th Future of Pneumatology in DogmaticsTower Building – 2nd Floor – Windows
3:30-4:00Matthew BarrettCan it be done? Identifying the Spirit’s Role in the Incarnation without Compromising OrthodoxyTower Building – 2nd Floor – Windows
4:40-5:20Geoffrey ChangThe Congregationalism of C.H. Spurgeon at the New Park Sreet Chapel (1854-1861)Plaza Building – Concourse – Governor’s Square 9



Thursday1:00-1:40Robert J. MatzWhy Spirit Baptism Demands Contemporaneous Water Baptism for CredobaptistsPlaza Building – Concourse – Governor’s Square 11
Thursday1:50-2:30N. Blake HearsonSandals and the Theology of Sacred Space in the Old TestamentPlaza Building – Concourse – Governor’s Square 15