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Is the Bible really “inerrant?” Is it really authoritative? We sat down with Dr. Matthew Barrett, Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Midwestern Seminary, to talk about the biblical and historical significance of the Church’s doctrine of Scripture – its authority and sufficiency.

Video One

Sola Scriptura:

What is sola scriptura and how did it develop historically

Video Two

Biblical Authority after the Reformation:

Was Sola Scriptura upheld after the reformation?

Video Three

The Church’s Relationship with Biblical Authority:

What are some causes of concern in relation to the church and sola scriptura and what are causes of optimism?

Video Four

God’s Covenants and Biblical Authority:

What does the way God enters a covenant with His people tell us about biblical authority?

Video Five

Biblical Authority and the Biblical Storyline:

What does the storyline of scripture and the trinity tell us about biblical authority?

Video Six

The Bible and God’s Character:

What does the Bible reveal about God himself?

Video Seven

Biblical Inspiration:

What does the Bible say about its own origin?

Video Eight

Biblical Inerrancy:

What do we mean when we say the Bible is inerrant?


Video Nine

The Clarity of Scripture and Biblical Interpretation:

How can we hold to the perspicuity of scripture when there is so much in it that confuses Christians?

Video Ten

The Sufficiency of Scripture:

How does sola scriptura square with the other authorities in the Christian’s life?