University Minister

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University Minister Job Description

Principal Function: The University Minister is responsible to the Pastor and University Committee for coordinating and promoting church program organizations for university students. The University Minister is responsible to the local church body through the church personnel committee for employment requirements and responsibilities.

Job Classification: This is an exempt (salaried) and full time position, based on a 40-hour work week.*

Working Relationships: The University Minister coordinates with all the church staff in planning, scheduling, and directing the education and discipleship training of university students.


  • Serve as the primary contact person for university ministry at UHBC.
  • Provide direction and leadership for the university education program of the church by coordinating and promoting Bible study, discipleship training, missions, education, and other weekday activities.
  • Organize and coordinate a balanced approach to university ministry that includes Bible study, discipleship training, outreach, recreation, fellowship, mission action, and music.
  • Enlist and train leadership in the university division of all church organizations in coordination with the church nominating committee.
  • Plan and direct all university-related activities such as university mission trips, retreats, university graduation Sunday, seminars, banquets, and other special events.
  • Work with the University Ministry Committee to plan, implement and evaluate a balanced university ministry program.
  • Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies, and space by university students in all church program organizations.
  • Provide Christian guidance to meet the special needs of university students and their friends.
  • Work with program leaders and teachers and appropriate staff members to resolve philosophical, procedural, and scheduling problems in the university division.
  • Develop a program of outreach to university students and university-aged people.
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest educational methods, technology and social media and incorporate them appropriately in the University Ministry.
  • Prepare and administer the University Ministry budget.
  • Comply with all established church policies and procedures as well as all applicable federal and state laws.
  • On occasion, be available nights and weekends for university ministry events as well as to work with the pastor in making emergency pastoral care visits as needed.
  • Visit prospects and members related to ministry to university students and as assigned by the pastor.
  • Serve as Staff Advisor for church committees as assigned by the pastor.
  • Oversight and supervision of the coffee house management team.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Commitment to biblical principles and teachings both professionally and personally.
  • A bachelor’s college degree.
  • A seminary degree – Master’s level or above – preferred.
  • At least 1 year of university ministry experience.
  • Exceptional speaking skills and the ability to speak confidently before groups.
  • Quality leadership skills.
  • Proficiency in administrative skills.
  • Ability to listen effectively and to communicate clearly, both orally and in written form.
  • Basic ability to use computer software, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Competency with appropriate social media.
  • Sufficient good health to perform the essential functions of the job.
  • Ability to walk, stand and sit, sometimes for prolonged periods of time.
  • Passing criminal, financial and sexual misconduct background checks.

*Full-time is defined by federal law as at least 40 hours per week.  A church may choose to re-define the number of hours for full-time downward, but not upward.