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Youth Pastor

Website Huntington First Baptist Church


Our Youth Pastor will have the following responsibilities:
Oversee the ministry to youth (6th – 12th grades)Create and equip a team of Youth Ministry Volunteers to serve alongside the Youth Pastor.
Lead & direct the weekly programs for youth: Wednesday Night Youth Worship and Sunday Morning Life Groups.
Plan special events to help create spiritual milestones in their lives. (Disciple Now, Youth Camp, Youth Mission Trip, etc.)
Reach out to unchurched youth to engage them with the gospel.
Engage in the extra-curricular activities of youth and their families.
Develop and oversee the youth budget. The average youth budget over the last 5 years has been $16,500.
Provide sexual misconduct prevention training for volunteers in conjunction with the Ministry Assistant.
Assist in other pastoral ministries and church activitiesBe available for general pastoral duties like weddings, funerals, counseling, hospital visits, and more.
Contribute to the overall ministry of the church as needed.
Support the Children & Nursery Directors in their jobs.
As you have gifting and passion that matches where the church has needs, we want you to lead and pastor in other ways in our church. This may be in missions, outreach, administration, communication, technology, worship, discipleship, teaching, or senior adults. Your primary job is youth, but on a church staff our size, we need our full-time pastors to serve the whole church in various ways.

These are the skills and characteristics we are looking for in the Youth Pastor at HFBC.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree required. Preferably has some theological education completed through seminary.
EXPERIENCE: 2-5+ years of experience in Youth Ministry or other Pastoral Ministry. Ideally, this man will be Licensed or Ordained to the gospel ministry.

LEAD FAITHFULLY: This man should exhibit all the characteristics given in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. As a pastor serving our church, God will give you a role of influence and will make you an example. We expect you to live a lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders.
LOVE GOD: We expect you to be growing in your knowledge and love for God. We expect you to be investing in your relationship with God so that you can lead from a place of health.
LOVE OTHERS: We expect you to have an attitude of helpfulness, humility, and love towards staff, church members, and the community. Pastors are under-shepherds who are called to love and serve the body of Christ like the Good Shepherd loves and serves us.
WORK HARD: We expect you to cultivate a hard work ethic. Leaders are meant to lead by example, so we expect you to work hard and do all things with excellence.
SHOW GRACE: We expect you to strive for unity with staff and church members. We are called to forgive in the same way we have been forgiven. We are called to reconcile as far as it depends on us.

TEACHING: Biblically, pastors are men who have the ability to teach. He must be gifted in communicating the truth of God’s Word to people in a way they can understand and will want to live out.
LEADERSHIP: This pastor needs to be sure of his calling, take initiative in that, and be intentional with his time and words. We want someone who in his pursuit of God invites others to join alongside him.
ADMINISTRATION: We expect this pastor to be professional in organizing and shepherding the people under his care. This requires organization, communication and professionalism.
COMMUNICATION: Pastors must be able to communicate both God’s Word and church vision to employees and volunteer teams. We need someone who is not solely doing the work of ministry, but is equipping others for the work of ministry.
Other ExpectationsIMPACT: We are looking for someone who wants to stay and invest in our church. This position will provide an opportunity to make a lasting spiritual impact on students and families.
LONGEVITY: We don’t view this job as a stepping stone, but as a long term ministry opportunity in our church.


  • Research our church and community to see if you think this will be a good fit for you and your family.
  • Pray about joining the pastoral staff of our church with your family.
  • Email the following items to byron@huntingtonfbc.orgResume
  • Link to one of your teaching videos/audio recordings (sermon, Bible Study, etc.)
  • Picture of you and/or your family
  • Completed Application for Employement (found below)