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Founded in 1869, Big Springs Baptist Church was launched with an enduring Great Commission vision to reach its entire region and the world beyond. Intentionally built in a centralized country location, the first generation of church members sought to form a center of its own amid a largely unsettled and pre-statehood frontier.  As the population increased, Big Springs Baptist Church began to start new churches in other locations; first in the Dalesburg Township, (near Beresford, SD), later in Alcester, SD, and, more recently, they assisted with the start of a church in Canton, SD.  All of these church plants, along with Big Springs Baptist Church, are affiliated with Converge Heartland and have consistently advanced the gospel of Jesus Christ for a combined total of over 425 years!  Today, Big Springs Baptist Church has an annual budget of $150K, strong member volunteerism, an average attendance of 80 people, and a fresh vision for gospel-driven growth.

Big Springs Baptist Church is centrally located in the “Sioux Empire”, near the regionally celebrated Big Sioux River, just 45 minutes south of Sioux Falls, SD, and 45 minutes north of Sioux City, IA.  The church’s unique location is still central to the region, primarily drawing attendees from two states, four counties, and five communities.  This makes the church and parsonage stand out as being in proximity to many shopping, entertainment, and recreational opportunities.   Even with ethnic diversity being celebrated, the Big Springs region is known for its Scandinavian history, with many of the regional names, sights, structures, and flavors serving as reminders of a Swedish and Norwegian heritage.   Occupationally, the region sustains many families through agriculture-related industries, but the Big Springs area also has many professionals who work in finance, education, local government, and the health industry.    In all, God has centrally located the Big Springs Baptist Church to maintain a strategic reach into the lives of nearly 20,000 people.   Even with a 152-year history of gospel declaration, there are many people to reach and much to be done in the Big Springs region and beyond.

Big Springs Baptist Church is praying for their next pastor.  With a strong multigenerational ministry value, Big Springs wants to reach the next generation for Christ, primarily by reaching heads of households of both  younger and unchurched families   With this in mind, they are looking for a doctrinally-aligned and experienced pastor who possesses a strong walk with Christ, to teach God’s word and help them reach younger families and unchurched people, without neglecting older generations.  The next pastor of Big Springs Baptist Church will need to be missional, possessing an outreach vision that spans the counties and communities from which church attendees are coming.  Furthermore, the next pastor will also need to be pastoral, desiring to connect with and care for church attendees and the broader community, both inside and outside the church walls.   Beyond this, it will be important that the next pastor is able to recruit, train, and support volunteer ministers so as not to take everything onto his own shoulders.   Ultimately, Big Springs Baptist Church is praying for a man of God and his family, who will stand in alignment with their vision, mission, and core values.   Please take time to review this pastoral search website and the Lead Pastor Ministry Description .

If you feel that you may be a fit for this pastoral opening, then you are invited to apply by sending the following materials to

  • Intro Letter (make sure this briefly covers your testimony of faith, ministry calling and general fit for this opening)
  • Current Resume (make sure it includes your personal, family, work and educational information)
  • A personal or family photo
  • 2 sermon samples (Please email digital recordings of audio or video sermons. We prefer weblinks, if possible)
  • 3 references (2 references from ministry leaders and 1 from non-family members of your choosing)