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Biblical Studies

Interested in the Old and New Testament and biblical theology? Midwestern Seminary now offers a FTC Cohort dedicated to the study of the Old and New Testament along with biblical theology.

This cohort, led by MBTS professor Tyler Sykora, will think deeply about aspects of Old and New Testament theology, the New Testament use of the Old Testament, the importance of learning Greek and Hebrew, exegetical fallacies and best practices, and more. Each of these topics is fundamental to a robust biblical education, and the cohort model will allow students to study this area within the context of community.”

As an added benefit, all FTC Cohort students receive a 100% tuition scholarship for their year in the program.

Cohort Features

100% Tuition Scholarship

Start seminary with a 100% discount during your first year of study. All students who are admitted to the Theological Studies cohort will receive the tuition discount.

Featured MBTS Faculty

This cohort will explore the Old and New Testament and how to rightly understand God’s Word. Led by MBTS professor Dr. Tyler Sykora, this cohort will also feature key MBTS faculty members in the areas of Old Testament, New Testament, and biblical theology.

Cohort Community

Gather each week with Dr. Sykora and your cohort community to consider how to right understand and apply the Scripture in ministry, your personal life, and in the local church.


“Understanding how to properly interpret God’s Word
is one of the fundamental reasons why a seminary exists."

Dr. Tyler Sykora

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