Masters and Undergrad Housing

Once you are a fully accepted student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary/College, in the Undergraduate or Master’s programs, you are eligible to apply for residential housing. Simply complete and submit the housing application:

Click here to apply For Housing


Eligibility requires you to be a full-time residential student

  • Master’s students must carry 9 hours per semester
  • Undergraduate students 12 hours per semester
  • No more than 3 hours (one class), per semester, may be on-line

An exception request must be submitted, and approved, in order to reside on campus outside of these parameters. A 30 day vacate notice is required from any resident who does not meet these requirements or who does not possess an approved exception request.

Housing is assigned based on the following criteria

  • Availability
  • Chronological order in which your application and housing deposit were received
  • Undergraduate students are first priority
  • Master’s students are second priority
  • Apartment preference

The Housing Coordinator will communicate with you through your MBTS student email regarding the status of your application and the availability of apartments. Housing assignments commence in mid-March for the fall semester and in mid-November for the spring semester. Subsequent assignments may be made throughout the year dependent upon availability.

Any current resident, or applicant, may request and exception to any of our housing policies by completing the Housing Exception Form. All requests will be considered but not all requests may be granted.

Current Undergraduate & Masters Residents

Change of apartment – Current residents who would like to change apartments may complete the Housing Application and choose “Current resident – change request”, an additional housing deposit is due with the application ($250.00 family; $100.00 non-family) plus a non-refundable change fee ($250.00 family; $100.00 non-family) is required before the change can be enacted.
New Degree – In the event the current resident is continuing MBTS education with another degree, a new housing application is required (no deposit needed). If your new degree is MTS, Doctoral or Ph.D, an exception request is required with the application. Your residence continuation is contingent on the exception approval.
Transitioning off campus – In the event a current resident is moving off campus, please submit your 30 day vacate notice by completing the Intent to Vacate form.