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Daniel Dongwon Lee

Distinguished Professor of Expository Preaching in Korean Studies
Instructional Faculty
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Daniel Dongwon Lee is Distinguished Professor of Korean Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the founding pastor of Global Mission Church in South Korea, the biggest Baptist church in the world with over 30,000 church members.

Dr. Lee is a world-renowned evangelist known as “Charles Spurgeon of Korea” and prolific writers of over 100 books related to Gospel-oriented and expository preaching, including The Story of the Twelve Disciples Transforming the World (Duranno, 2020), The Way of Spirituality (Kyujang, 2020), Wait Here (Expository Preaching Series, Habakkuk and Malachi, PLC, 2019), Prayers Changing My Prayer (Kyujang, 2019), The Gospel of John I & II (Duranno, 2019), Be Fruitful and Multiplied (Expository Preaching Series, Ephesians, PLC, 2018), and so on.

Dr. Lee was one of four major evangelical preachers to lead the evangelical movement of Korean churches in 1980s-90s and subsequently the revitalization movement of Korean college students in 1990s. The characteristics of his ministry have been wholistic, balanced, and educational.

Dr. Lee is a recipient of numerous honors and awards, including Spurgeon Fellow and Honorary Alumnus Awards (from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), President Awards (from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary). He was also chosen as “2019 Alumnus of the Year Award” from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Dr. Lee is married to Myungja Wu and has two sons.



BA, William Tyndale College

MDiv, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

DMiss, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

DD (honorary), Liberty University


Past and Current Ministry Positions:

Founder, Global Ministry Network

President, Pastoral Leadership Center (2011-Present)

President, Jiguchon Social Welfare Foundation (2002-2019)

Chair of Board, OM Korea (1998-2008)

Chair of Board, Christian Ethics and Practice Commission (2011-2015)

Board, The Milal Ministry for the Disabled (2012-2020)

Co-founder, Global Mission Fellowship

Co-founder, KOSTA (Korean Students All Nations)

Co-Founder, Council for the Future of Korean Churches


Visit his website for his ministry and books.

Books (selected)*

  • The Story of the Twelve Disciples Transforming the World (Duranno, 2020)
  • The Way of Spirituality (Kyujang, 2020)
  • Wait Here (Expository Preaching Series, Habakkuk and Malachi, PLC, 2019)
  • 10 Law for Well-being Family (Abba Amma, 2019)
  • Spring of Meditation (Abba Amma, 2019)
  • Prayers Changing My Prayer (Kyujang, 2019)
  • The Gospel of John I & II (Duranno, 2019)
  • Prepare for the Sear and Yellow Leaf (PLC, 2018)
  • Be Fruitful and Multiplied (Expository Preaching Series, Ephesians, PLC, 2018)
  • Now Back to the Gospel (Abba Amma, 2017).
  • A Walk Through the Pilgrim’s Progress with Daniel Lee (Duranno, 2016)
  • Be Holy (Expository Preaching Series, Leviticus, PLC, 2016)
  • Holy Choice for My Soul (Duranno, 2016)
  • Step into Tomorrow with Vision (Abba Amma, 2016)
  • Pure Gospel You Must Hear (Duranno, 2014)
  • Miracle Life Experiencing Jesus (Duranno, 2013)
  • Kingdom Vision: Journey to the Book of Acts (Duranno, 2012)
  • Navigation of My Soul (Word of Life, 2009)