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Two Unique Study Trips Expand Learning Experiences for Midwestern Seminary Students

Posted December 11, 2023 by Brett Fredenberg

KANSAS CITY, Mo—Midwestern Seminary hosted two unique study experiences for students this fall, including a study tour to New England and a doctoral seminar in Romania. Each trip sought to expand educational horizons and surpass academic expectations for a variety of programs at the seminary.

President Jason Allen commented on the importance of trips such as these two, saying, “What a delight it is to see Midwestern Seminary faculty and students travel across the country and around the world for the training of pastors and ministers for the Church. What many do not see in the headlines are the lifelong friendships and partnerships that are formed between students and faculty members during these weeks of intense study, all for which I am grateful.”

New England Study Tour

On October 7-14, seminary students traveled to New England for a study tour with professors Jason G. Duesing, Thomas S. Kidd, and Jared C. Wilson. The tour included visits to prominent historical sites like where Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield ministered and meaningful engagements with local pastors and church planters.

The tour offered seminary students further insight into Christian history, but also allowed them unique experiences with seminary professors.

Kidd commented on this benefit, saying, “The tour is a special opportunity to focus intensively on both the rich Christian heritage of New England and the current challenges and opportunities for ministry there. Students on the tour not only learn a great deal in a short period of time but get to interact with Midwestern Seminary faculty in a more interactive way than in a conventional classroom setting.”

Students also received academic credit for their participation, earning up to six credit hours at undergraduate and graduate levels and qualifying for a directed study at the doctoral level. The tour emphasizes the seminary’s commitment to offering diverse and flexible learning experiences that exist for students’ benefit.

Rachel Kaulen, a participating student, expressed her appreciation for the tour, saying, “Study tours like this one give you the chance to put a physical ‘face’ to what you’re learning. It’s so much more real than just reading about it. The interactions with professors, like Dr. Kidd, were invaluable as well!”

Another student in attendance, Harrison Lang, said, “This study tour went above and beyond my expectations. It provided unique opportunities to build deeper relationships with professors beyond the academic sphere.”

Bumpers reflected on the multifaceted benefits of the tour, “From visiting historical sites and gaining credit hours to spending time with faculty members and engaging with contemporary ministry leaders in New England, the study tour is an immersive experience that we’re proud to offer.”

Romania Trip

Also in October, Midwestern Seminary visited Romania for a doctoral seminar and graduation celebration. Professors Thorvald Madsen and Radu Gheorghita travelled to Romania for the trip, meeting with dozens of doctoral students in Midwestern Seminary’s Romanian Doctor of Ministry program.

During their time in Romania, the professors taught two doctoral seminars, a Doctoral Studies Colloquium for the 2023 cohort (ten students) and the Church Revitalization seminar for the 2022 cohort (eight students). Additionally, 21 students were honored during a graduation ceremony.

Gheorghita reflected on their time in Romania, saying, “What a joyous occasion to have the families of the graduates and some parishioners from the churches they serve to join us, alongside all the Romanian faculty involved in the doctoral program. The atmosphere, the fellowship, and the food were all exquisite!”

Beginning with President Allen’s arrival to the seminary in 2012, Gheorghita led the seminary’s efforts of what would become the Romanian D.Min. program. In addition to Allen, several faculty members have been key to the program’s initiative and growth, including professors Thor Madsen, Jason Duesing, Rodney Harrison, and more.

After two years of administrative work, the program launched in 2014 with five distinctives: 1) in Romania, 2) in Romanian, 3) for Romanians, 4) by Romanians, and 5) at Romanian tuition costs.

Gheorghita said, “In 2023, we have started the 10th year with a cohort of 10 students. In the first decade, we boast in the Lord 40 graduates with the Midwestern Seminary Doctor of Ministry degree. We cannot be too thankful or too appreciative for the investment that Midwestern Seminary and the Southern Baptist churches have been making in the work of the gospel in Romania and Eastern Europe. Thank you!”

Learn more about Midwestern Seminary’s Romanian Doctor of Ministry.

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