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New Faculty Book from Michael McMullen

Posted September 18, 2023 by Brett Fredenberg

KANSAS CITY, Mo—Midwestern Seminary celebrated the release of Daily Readings: William Wilberforce (Christian Heritage) by Michael D. McMullen, professor of church history and editor of the Midwestern Journal of Theology.

“William Wilberforce was one of the most consequential Christians in the 18th-19th centuries,” said President Jason Allen. “His work against the slave trade and slavery will never be forgotten. Now, thanks to our own Dr. Michael McMullen, we can continue to learn valuable lessons on following Christ, and the cost therein, from Wilberforce. I want to thank Dr. McMullen for producing this work as I know it will further equip and edify every one of its readers.”

William Wilberforce (1759-1853) was an evangelical member of the British Parliament. While many remember him for his tireless campaign against slavery, McMullen says that he was also a beacon of gospel-infused change in various areas. From advocating for child labor laws and shaping public morality to reforming penal systems and pioneering efforts in preventing animal cruelty, he was a force of transformation in a nation distant from God.

McMullen said, “While Wilberforce is an incredible example of a man who lived his life to glorify God, and we see that throughout these readings, what we are also privileged to see is a man entirely dependent on God.”

Having worked extensively on the life and writings of Wilberforce, McMullen worked carefully to select each of the 365 daily readings for this collection.

“These are the honest, personal reflections of a Christian who, while he enjoyed incredible victories given by God through his various campaigns, lived with constant opposition as well as painful physical challenges throughout his life.”

This book offers daily readings that showcase Wilberforce’s journey with Christ. In doing so, McMullen makes clear that while Wilberforce might have achieved great things, he faced struggles, temptations, and challenges familiar to all believers. Through the readings, McMullen hopes to inspire and challenge believers today through demonstrating God’s faithfulness through Wilberforce’s life.

He shared, “Wilberforce is an example to all Christian leaders wherever God has placed them, of living in trust, faithfulness, and obedience, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He also reminds us by the ‘Clapham Circle,’ of the necessity of surrounding ourselves in ministry with Godly encouragers, prayer-supporters, and constructive critics. Would that we were all ‘agents of usefulness’ in the hands of God as Wilberforce described himself.”

McMullen believes these reflections from Wilberforce can be used for inspiration and encouragement in the everyday life of believers as well.

“Wilberforce was no Christian superhero,” McMullen said. “He did see God do incredible things, but he also experienced many of the same struggles, temptations, and challenges that all Believers face, and recorded many of them as part of his own walk with Christ. Examples of them appear in this book as challenges and encouragements to Believers today, as we are privileged to see God’s faithfulness throughout Wilberforce’s life.”

Daily Readings: William Wilberforce is now available for purchase.

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