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Father and Son Preach Back-to-Back Services; Special Presentation

Posted February 23, 2023 by Brett Fredenberg

KANSAS CITY, Mo—Midwestern Seminary hosted two special chapel services on February 21-22, featuring father and son preachers Jared and Eddie Bumpers. Following Wednesday’s chapel, Eddie Bumpers and Wesley Vance presented the seminary a special gift on behalf of Crossway Baptist Church.

Jared Bumpers, who serves as assistant professor of preaching and evangelism at Midwestern Seminary, and Eddie Bumpers, who serves as senior pastor of Crossway Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo, emphasized the themes of discipleship and greatness in back-to-back chapel services.

E. Bumpers commented on the delight to preach alongside his son in this week’s chapel services, saying, “It’s always a joy to get to hear my son preach. He’s not only one of my favorite preachers, but also one of my favorite people. It’s a joy and honor to hear him and be with the Midwestern Seminary community this week.”

“It was a joy to get to hear Dr. Eddie Bumpers and Dr. Jared Bumpers preach in chapel this week,” said President Jason Allen. “Both father and son are gifted preachers, and I am very thankful for both of them and their respective ministries. Additionally, Crossway Baptist Church is a strategic partner for Midwestern Seminary, and I am so thankful for their generosity towards our students.”

During chapel on Tuesday, Jared Bumpers preached a message from Luke 9:57-62 titled, “The Cost of Discipleship.” In his sermon, he described three requirements for discipleship to Jesus based on the three prospective disciples’ interactions with Jesus in the text.

He first explained how discipleship requires dependency on Christ. He stated how the path of discipleship is not the path of ease or comfort, but rather filled with discomfort, denial, and self-sacrifice. He said, “Discipleship is costly, but it’s worth it because discomfort and difficult drive us to Jesus.”

J. Bumpers went on to share what a life of dependency on Christ looks, noting the importance of rehearsing the gospel regularly, confessing sin, praying for strength, and embracing an identity as strangers and aliens.

Second, he described discipleship to Jesus as a right prioritizing of the kingdom of God. “There is an urgency to the kingdom of God. As a crucified Savior, Jesus has every right to make seemingly extreme demands to follow Him first.”

He helped attendees discern what prioritizing the kingdom of God involves. Examining weekly events and finances, he explained, often reveals true priorities and underlying heart motives. Moreover, J. Bumpers urged attendees to “go all in on the kingdom of God,” which includes being with non-Christians often and sharing the gospel.

In his final point, J. Bumpers stated that discipleship to Jesus involves gospel consistency and gospel faithfulness until the end. “Following Jesus takes precedence over everything and everyone else,” he said. “To follow Jesus for the long-haul, remember that God’s grace is sufficient to keep you on the road of discipleship.”

He concluded his sermon emphasizing the value of following Jesus. Despite the challenges that ensue, J. Bumpers assured attendees that there is no greater calling than following Jesus.

During chapel on Wednesday, Eddie Bumpers preached a message from Mark 9:30-37 titled, “So, You Want to be Great?” In his sermon, he urged attendees to pursue a holy ambition for God and the gospel by explaining three marks of a biblical definition of greatness.

He began his message by stating that the desire for greatness should begin with humility toward God. From the text, E. Bumpers explained the disciples misplaced desire for greatness as centered on themselves, but Jesus defines greatness as putting others first.

“Greatness in the church,” he said, “is seen by serving others—changing diapers during Sunday service, holding the door open for guests, visiting the nursing home, taking the lowest place while showing concern for the weak and helpless.”

Second, E. Bumpers emphasized that the desire for greatness should involve being gracious toward others. He highlighted the unique nature of kingdom work, that the kingdom is much bigger than often thought, but honors even the smallest of acts.

He said, “God’s kingdom is often bigger than we think it is. We need to be known for our graciousness to those who may disagree on non-essential issues. Whatever you do for Jesus is worth it because every job done for Jesus is rewarded.”

Finally, E. Bumpers stated that the desire for greatness should include being aggressive toward sin.

“You need to be serious about getting sin out of your life,” he said. “Examine your life, ask God for a spirit of repentance, and kill the sin you see. You can’t control sin; only God’s grace can bring this work about in your life.”

As he concluded his message, E. Bumpers encouraged attendees to pursue greatness according to the kingdom of God which looks like humility toward God, graciousness toward others, and aggressiveness toward sin.

Special Presentation

Following the sermon, E. Bumpers and Wesley Vance, executive pastor of Crossway Baptist Church, presented Allen with a $25,000 gift towards the Legacy Fund in order to bless the Midwestern Seminary community.

In speaking to students during chapel, Vance expressed Crossway Baptist Church’s full appreciation and support of the Midwestern Seminary community. He said, “We are committed to you as students of this institution because we see the great potential you have for the kingdom of God. Some of you will be called as pastors, some will go to the mission field, some will serve as counselors, but behind all of you is a legacy that has been laid based on biblical convictions of belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Vance also spoke to Allen, stating, “From myself, Pastor Eddie, and Crossway Baptist Church, it has been a joy to see front and center how you have stewarded the resources of Southern Baptists for over a decade. I know the Legacy Fund is designed to make education affordable for students here, so on behalf of Crossway Baptist Church, we’d like to give $25,000 to the Legacy Fund for you, these students, and the future of Midwestern Seminary.”

To view this week’s chapel services, visit here.

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