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Midwestern Seminary announces expanded Ph.D. program

Posted November 17, 2021 by Michael S. Brooks

Midwestern Seminary announced this week the expansion of its Ph.D. program with the addition of new titles and emphases for the institution’s Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Beginning in Spring 2022, students can now earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree in biblical studies, theological studies, or applied theology. The new headings offer focused pathways for students earning research doctoral degrees at Midwestern Seminary.

“Expanding our Ph.D. emphases allows us to draw sharper lines between distinct disciplines and ministry practices for the benefit of our students and the institutions and churches they serve,” Midwestern Seminary President Jason Allen said.

“God is calling a new generation of pastor-theologians who want to excel academically and who want to bend their scholarly efforts toward serving Christ and his Church. We are privileged to be in a unique and advantageous position to train these students for maximal kingdom impact and effective gospel ministry.”

Prior to this week’s announcement, Midwestern Seminary offered its standard Ph.D. degree in biblical studies, with emphases in various study areas such as Old and New Testament, systematic theology, historical theology, preaching, ethics, and more.

With the restructuring, Midwestern Seminary now offers its research doctoral degrees under three umbrellas: biblical studies, theological studies, and applied theology. Each heading includes specific areas of study, or “emphases.”

Midwestern Seminary’s Ph.D. in biblical studies includes emphases in New Testament, Old Testament, biblical theology, and a standard biblical studies program. The Ph.D. in theological studies includes emphases in systematic theology, historical theology, ethics, and preaching.

The Ph.D. in applied theology includes traditional emphases such as biblical counseling, apologetics, missiology, and new options such as leadership, ecclesiology, and biblical spirituality. Additionally, there is no language requirement for admission into the Ph.D. in applied theology program.

“This expansion represents the maturation of both Midwestern Seminary as a whole, and of our doctoral program more specifically,” Midwestern Seminary Provost Jason Duesing said.

“Further, the expansion represents our attempt at situating our academic endeavors under our vision to be for the church. Emphases such as biblical spirituality and ecclesiology now exist under the heading of our new applied theology emphasis. These degree titles and emphases are designed from the ground up to meet needs expressed within the local churches we exist to serve.”

Midwestern Seminary’s doctoral degree programs require 52 credit hours, earned through 10 seminars, a comprehensive exam, and a research dissertation. Doctoral seminars are modular with weeklong sessions on campus in addition to pre- and post-session coursework requirements.

Additionally, select doctoral seminars are now available via remote and online access, allowing participating students to pursue an advanced degree while remaining in their current ministry context.

For more information on the Ph.D. program expansion, visit or contact Midwestern Seminary’s doctoral offices by e-mail at [email protected]

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