Midwestern Journal of Theology’s fall edition released

Posted December 2, 2019 by T. Patrick Hudson

Midwestern Seminary released its Fall 2019 issue of the Midwestern Journal of Theology on Dec. 2, featuring works by several of the school’s faculty and doctoral students as well as academics from across the Southern Baptist Convention.

The fall edition addresses topics such as a book symposium on the Triune God, the impact and unpublished writings of William Wilberforce, Charles Spurgeon on the work of the Father, the inauguration of the last days in Mark 1:12-13, and a biblical assessment of God’s use of visions and dreams, particularly in missionary situations.

President Jason Allen said of the Journal’s recently-released edition, “I believe readers of this MJT edition will find it to be encouraging and edifying in many ways. These essays speak to a wide range of topics affecting our society today – providing truthful insight and thoughtful guidance amidst a world that bends at the whims of the culture. Our editor, Dr. Michael McMullen has done a superb job compiling this edition that will be helpful to so many.”

McMullen, who also serves as professor of Church History, noted that this issue of the MJT seeks to highlight the work of faculty and voices from around the greater Southern Baptist Convention. He said, “We are grateful to have contributions from not only Midwestern Seminary’s fine faculty and adjunct faculty but to have friends from around the SBC contributing thought-provoking articles for the edification of our readership.”

The MJT’s selections begin with a book symposium on Fred Sanders’ volume, The Triune God. This scholarly collaboration features responses from Wesley Hill of Trinity School for Ministry, Stephen R. Holmes of St. Andrews University, and Paul T. Nimmo of Aberdeen University, together with an introduction and assessment of each respondent by Fred Sanders, who is professor and associate director of the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University in California.

This essay is followed by McMullen’s own essay, which was based off his Fall 2019 Faculty Address at Midwestern Seminary. In lecturing to his peers and the greater seminary community, McMullen explained how William Wilberforce was an “Agent of Usefulness” by God. The lecture offered background on Wilberforce’s life and sought to answer the questions of who exactly was Wilberforce, and why does it matter?

The journal’s next article, “Charles Spurgeon on the Work of the Father,” was written by Ryan Rippee, who is an adjunct professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The essay is a contribution to studies about Spurgeon and provides an analysis of the work of the Father in the thought and writing of the great preacher.

In what McMullen noted as the MJT’s penultimate piece, Midwestern Seminary adjunct faculty member Jason Kees provides a careful study of how the inauguration of the Last Days is presented in the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel. The essay entitled, “Where the Wild Animals Are: The Inauguration of the Last Days in Mark 1:12–13,” explores the meaning of “wild animals” in the passage and how it relates to end times.

The final essay in the spring edition of the MJT is entitled, “Visions, Dreams, and the Missionary:

A Biblical Assessment of God’s use of Visions and Dreams,” and was written by J. Tristan Hurley, who is an adjunct faculty member at Scarborough College in Ft. Worth, Texas. This work is a thought-provoking article examining how God may be using visions and dreams today, especially in missionary situations.

In addition to the scholarly articles, readers will find several relevant and thought-provoking book reviews, many of which were written by Midwestern Seminary doctoral students.

Midwestern Seminary’s Provost, Jason Duesing, commented, “I remain grateful for another quality installment of the Midwestern Journal of Theology under the care and leadership of Michael McMullen. These are significant essays that arrive with timeliness and import for evangelicals to read and profit from them.”

Midwestern Seminary’s Journal of Theology is available in print version for subscribers. To subscribe, contact Academic Office at (816) 414-3745 or kfreeman@mbts.edu.

Additionally, guests may view the issue in its entirety for free on the seminary’s website, www.mbts.edu/journal.

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