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Midwestern Seminary faculty, students to present papers during ETS meeting

Posted October 7, 2019 by T. Patrick Hudson

KANSAS CITY, Mo., (MBTS) – Midwestern Seminary will be represented by 40 faculty members and current Ph.D. students as they present scholarly papers, moderate sessions, and participate in panel discussions at the 71st annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in San Diego, on Nov. 20-22. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Christ in All Scripture.”

“At Midwestern Seminary we take seriously the stewardship we have in educating the next generation of pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders for service in the local church. High-level scholarship is amongst our training goals, and an excellent place for this to be showcased is the ETS annual meeting,” said Jason Allen, Midwestern Seminary’s president. “At ETS, our faculty and many of our brightest Ph.D. students are afforded the opportunity to exhibit this top-notch scholarship, interacting with the most significant issues affecting today’s theological landscape.”

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the number of representatives Midwestern Seminary has presenting papers, serving in other capacities at this year’s meeting. This continues to grow each year, and it speaks volumes to the quality of our faculty and of our Ph.D. program.”

Midwestern Seminary Provost Jason Duesing added, “While I am grateful that our faculty regularly presents papers at ETS, I am especially thrilled to see many of our Ph.D. students having the opportunity to join them this year. It is a tribute to them and their ability.”

The Presentations

Midwestern Seminary professors and students taking part in the meeting and their topics are as follows:

— Stephen J. Andrews (professor of Hebrew and Old Testament): “The Ketef Hinnom Inscriptions and the Existence of Apotropaic Texts in the Hebrew Bible”

— Alan Branch (professor of Christian ethics): “Should Children Be Given Drugs to Stop the Natural Process of Puberty?”

— Jared Bumpers (director of student life): “‘No Other Name’: A Biblical Theology of Preaching in Acts”

— Todd Chipman (assistant professor of biblical studies): “The Prodigal God is too Expensive for Us: Narrative Discourse Analysis in Luke 15-16”

— Dustin J. Coleman (Ph.D. student): “Jesus as Davidic Sufferer in Mark’s Gospel”

— Jenny-Lyn de Klerk (Ph.D. student): “‘Even the Worst of Men’:  John Owen on Loving Enemies”

— Jason S. DeRouchie (research professor of Old Testament and biblical studies): “Seeing and Savoring the Divine Son in All of Scripture” & “Text Hierarchy and Argument-Tracing in Biblical Hebrew”

— Jason G. Duesing (provost and associate professor of historical theology): “Who’s on First: Leile or Carey? Assessing the Implications of the Father of Modern Missions”

— Mark Fugitt (Ph.D. student): “The Utilization of Hermeneutics and Homiletics to Sustain the Crusade Against the French Cathars”

— Joseph David Garner III (Ph.D. student): “A Free Church in a Free State: E.Y. Mullins and Religious Liberty”

— Radu Gheorghita (professor of biblical studies; director of Romanian doctoral program): “Cross Pollination of Septuagint and New Testament Christologies? The Textual Evidence Examined”

— Robin Dale Hadaway (professor of missions): “Secret Disciples: Their Role in Culture (John 20:38-42)”

— Nathan William Harris (Ph.D. student): “Sonship and Superiority: How Second Temple Angelology Informs the Christology of Hebrews 1-2”

— Rodney A Harrison (professor of Christian education; dean of post-graduate studies, distance education, and effectiveness): “More Than Matthew 18: Embracing Biblically Informed Practices to Navigate Conflict”

— N. Blake Hearson (associate professor of Hebrew and Old Testament): “Presuppositions and Meaning: Deuteronomy 12 and the Centralization of Worship Theme Reconsidered”

— John L. Inman, III (Ph.D. student): “A Theology of Christ’s Rule of Heaven in Edwards’ Homiletics”

— Carissa Jones (Ph.D. student): “Martin Luther’s ‘Table Talks’ in Relation to His Theology of Discipleship”

— Jason P. Kees (adjunct professor): “Having our Hearts Sprinkled: The Influence of Ezekiel 36:25-26 on Hebrews 10:22”

— Andreas Köstenberger (research professor of New Testament; director of the Center for Biblical Studies) & Margaret E. Köstenberger (associate professor of theology and women’s ministry; faculty coordinator of women’s ministry programs): “Equipping for Life: Excellence and Parenting”

— David Andrew Lee (Ph.D. student): “Richard Baxter, Evangelist: Gospel Engagement in the Face of Death and the Nearness of Eternity”

— John Lee (associate professor of New Testament): “Divine Christology of Paul the Apostle: An Evaluation of Major Proposals”

— Kyoohan Lee (Ph.D. student): “Luke’s OT Theology in Acts 2: Recapitulation of Jesus’s Hermeneutical Paradigm (Luke 24:27, 44)”

— Thorvald Madsen (dean of graduate studies; Ph.D. program director; professor of New Testament, ethics, and philosophy): “Even the Crumbs Are Enough: Matthew 15:21-28 as a Prelude to the Feeding of the 4,000”

— Robert Matz (assistant professor of Christian studies; assistant director of online studies and institutional effectiveness): “Preaching Christ through Scripture: How Barth’s Homiletic Necessitates Scripture As Revelation”

— J.R. Miller (Ph.D. Student): “Jesus in the Torah: A Response to John Walton’s Lost World Ethics”

— Michael D. McMullen (professor of church history; editor of the Midwestern Journal of Theology): “‘Best Kept Under Lock and Key’: William Wilberforce’s View of Theophilus Lindsey”

— Travis J. Montgomery (Ph.D. student): “An Ironic Redemption: Luke’s Use of Psalm 2 LXX in Luke 23:1-25”

— Jesse Payne (Ph.D. student): “Here’s to You, Mrs. Henry: Helga Henry as Wife, Scholar, and Friend”

— Brandon Rhea (Ph.D. student): “Labor on the Lord’s Day: How Spurgeon’s Sabbatarianism Impacted His Ecclesiology”

— Craig Shigyo (Ph.D. student): “The Branch and the Nazarene: Reconsidering Matthew 2:23 in Davidic Context”

— Daniel Slavich (Ph.D. student): “A More Pleasant Elevation: Christological OT Exegesis in Hilary of Poitiers’ De Trinitate”

— Champ Thornton (Ph.D. student): “The Temple Origins of the Body of Christ Concept”

— Madison Trammel (Ph.D. student): “Interwar Fundamentalism after the Scopes Trial: A Study of Newspaper Reports, 1920-1930”

— Owen Strachan (associate professor of Christian theology; director of the Center for Public Theology): “It Was the Will of the Father to Crush Him: On Penal Substitution and Divine Wrath”

— Rustin Umstattd (associate professor of theology and ministry; director of the D.Ed.Min. program): “A Theological and Pragmatic Framework for the Co-Vocational Pastor”

— Mark W. Williams (Ph.D. student): “Paul’s Use of ‘and Such were Some of You’ as a General Principle for Biblical Counselors”

— Terry Wofford (Ph.D. student): “Book I of the Psalter’s Typology of the Active Obedience of Christ”

— Jonathon D. Woodyard (Ph.D. student): Moderator of New Testament Synoptic Gospels I

— John Mark Yeats (dean of students; associate professor of church history): “A Devil of a Time: 19th Century Evangelical Corrections to the Fictionalization of the Devil”

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