Student Highlight: Alvin Fleurant

Posted December 2, 2018 by Staff

When considering college options, Spurgeon College student, Alvin Fleurant, asked the question, “How do I pursue God’s glory with my life?” This is the exact question that the Fusion program at Spurgeon College is designed to answer.

Fusion candidates are enrolled in the BA, Intercultural Studies program at Spurgeon College and placed into mission teams for the first year of their degree. These teams walk through rigorous training designed to prepare them for the realities of life on the mission field. After a semester of training and classes, Fusion teams serve their second semester in places where the gospel of Jesus is not known.

Through the Fusion process, God changes the life of each candidate. Fleurant is a great example: “As a new believer, it was clear to me that I was to pursue God’s glory with my life. But I did not know how. Fusion taught me that pursuing God’s glory meant growing in knowledge of Him, holiness, fellowship with His people, and pursuit of the lost. All those things were given root in my life through Fusion.” Currently, Alvin is finishing his degree at Spurgeon College and intends to work with Muslim people groups after graduation.

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