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Midwestern Seminary faculty, students to present papers during ETS meeting

Posted October 26, 2018 by T. Patrick Hudson

KANSAS CITY, Mo., (MBTS) – Midwestern Seminary will be represented by 22 faculty members and students, as they present scholarly papers and moderate sessions at the 70th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Denver, Colorado, on Nov. 13-15. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Holy Spirit.”

“The ETS annual meeting is an excellent opportunity for our school’s faculty to interact with the most significant scholarly issues affecting today’s theological landscape,” said Jason Allen, Midwestern Seminary’s president. “There is no question in my mind that Midwestern Seminary’s faculty ranks among the world’s best, and ETS affords us an occasion to demonstrate this fact to the broader Evangelical community.

“I am further pleased with the development of our Ph.D. students and the significant input they have in this process. This is a great testament to the quality of education these men and women are afforded at Midwestern Seminary,” he added.

“I’m grateful to see this list of faculty and students as it represents just one more way we are able to share with other evangelical scholars Midwestern Seminary’s pioneering efforts of building a community pursuing scholarship for the church to the glory of God,” said Midwestern Seminary Provost Jason Duesing. “Many of these presentations will see publication in the months ahead, and I hope that, as just one aspect of the fruit of their work, many future students will decide to come study with us.”

The Presentations

Midwestern Seminary professors and students taking part in the meeting and their topics are as follows:

— Dr. Jason K. Allen (president): “Reformation Homiletics: Assessing Calvin’s Method of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament”

—Stephen Andrews (professor of Hebrew and Old Testament): “The Ketef Hinnom Inscriptions and the Existence of Apotropaic Texts in the Hebrew Bible”

—Matthew Barrett (associate professor of Christian theology): “A Question Never Asked: What do the Attributes of God Have to do With the Holy Spirit?;” Moderator: Reflections on Michael Horton’s Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and the Future of Pneumatology in Dogmatics;” Can it be done? Identifying the Spirit’s Role in the Incarnation without Compromising Orthodoxy”

—Geoffrey Chang (Ph.D. Student): “The Congregationalism of C.H. Spurgeon at the New Park Street Chapel (1854-1861)”

—Dustin J. Coleman (Ph.D. student): “An Exegesis of Psalm 90 in Light of the Old Testament Narrative”

—Jenny-Lyn de Klerk (Ph.D. student): “The Puritans on Public Worship in the Local Church: A Deeper Look into Love, Peace, and Unity”

—Jason G. Duesing (provost and associate professor of historical theology): “Historical Theology for the Church? Retrospect and Prospect”

—Mark Fugitt (Ph.D. student): “The Spanish Reconquista as a Theological Movement”

—Timothy Howe (Ph.D. student): “God’s Cosmic King: The Meaning of ‘The Image of God’ in Paul”

—N. Blake Hearson (associate professor of Hebrew and Old Testament): “Sandals and the Theology of Sacred Space in the Old Testament”

—Jason P. Kees (Ph.D. student): “Where the Wild Animals Are: The Inauguration of the Last Days in Mark 1:12-13”

—Andreas Köstenberger (research professor of New Testament; director of the Center for Biblical Studies): “A Biblical and Systematic Theology of the Holy Spirit”

—Ronni Kurtz (Ph.D. student): “B.B. Warfield’s Doctrine of Hypostatic Union and its Soteriological Significance;” Moderator: “Reflections on Michael Horton’s Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and the Future of Pneumatology in Dogmatics”

—Thomas P. Johnston (professor of evangelism): “The Holy Spirit’s Work According to Peter the Lombard’s ‘Four Books of Sentences’”

—John Lee (associate professor of New Testament): “The Synoptic Jesus Exclusively as an Idealized Human Figure? A Response to Kirk’s Proposal”

—Thorvald Madsen (dean of graduate studies; Ph.D. program director; professor of New Testament, ethics, and philosophy): “The Gift and Task of Spiritual Life in Paul: A View from the Old Testament”

—Robert Matz (assistant professor of Christian studies; assistant director of online studies and institutional effectiveness): “Why Spirit Baptism Demands Contemporaneous Water Baptism for Credobaptists”

—Michael D. McMullen (professor of church history; editor of the Midwestern Journal of Theology): “The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the Life and Unpublished Writings of William Wilberforce”

—David Norman (adjunct professor): “Between Archibald McLean and Andrew Fuller: Abraham Booth on Faith, Repentance, and Justification”

—Madison Trammel (Ph.D. student): “John Wycliffe’s Eucharistic Theology in Ontological Context”

—Owen Strachan (associate professor of Christian theology; director of the Center for Public Theology): “The Spirit’s Power Displayed in Ecclesiology”

—Rustin Umstattd (associate professor of theology and ministry; director of the D.Ed.Min. program): “By the Breath of His Mouth: The Spirit’s Work in Judgment in 2 Thessalonians 2:8”








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