The New Midwestern Magazine Reflects on a Historic Five Years

Posted May 7, 2018 by Jared Wilson

Miraculous. This is a word people keep using to describe the tremendous resurgence of Midwestern Seminary and College over the last 5 years. And while we are reluctant to embrace such a superlative about the historic achievements and record enrollment growth since Dr. Jason Allen assumed the presidency, we certainly do want to acknowledge God’s providential hand in all that has transpired. To call the progress at this institution over the last five years “miraculous” is simply to say that all the glory for the growth goes to God.

Capturing our gratitude and enthusiasm over this progress was the aim of the most recent edition of the Midwestern Magazine. In the latest issue, you will find Dr. Allen’s “Five-Year Appraisal” of the institution’s For The Church vision.

Charles Smith, Vice President of Institutional Relations at Midwestern, offers in turn some “Reflections on the Future,” enhancing this issue’s two-way focus: looking back and looking forward. In regard to the former (“looking back”), we highlight some reflections from key denominational leaders on the seminary’s growth and Dr. Allen’s leadership. And as it pertains to the latter (“looking forward”), we are featuring key articles from Midwestern faculty members like Dr. Matthew Barrett, Dr. Owen Strachan, and Dr. Todd Chipman that present insights into our educational vision For The Church.

All of the features in the Spring 2018 edition, in fact, are oriented around a joyful appraisal of where God has brought Midwestern Seminary and College thus far and a hopeful anticipation of where he might take us next. From the student and alumni highlights to the selection of resources from our For The Church website (, we are taking a soberminded but celebratory timeout for reflection and expectation. May the pages ahead stir your heart and mind and prompt you to join us in thanking God for five years of historic growth and anticipating a promising future.

You can read the latest issue of the magazine online at this link.