Details: Does not have to be repaid. Available only to undergraduates
Award Amounts: Up to $5,920 per academic year. Total amount not to exceed the equivalent of six years of funding.


Subsidized Loans: Loan must be repaid with interest. For undergraduate students; U.S. Department of Education may pay interest while borrower is in school and during grace and deferment periods; student must be attending at least half-time and have financial need. Award Amounts: $3,500–$5,500, depending on grade level.

Unsubsidized Loans: Loan must be repaid with interest. For undergraduate and graduate students; borrower is responsible for all interest; student must be enrolled at least half-time; financial need is not required. Award Amounts: $5,500–$20,500 (less any subsidized amount received for the same period), depending on grade level and dependency status.

For total lifetime limits and current interest rates, go to StudentAid.gov/sub-unsub. To obtain loans, students must also complete master promissory note and entrance counseling at www.studentloans.gov.

The Office of Financial Aid has established a set of principles and policies to govern educational lending practices for undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Our staff will follow this Code of Conduct to ensure the integrity of the student loan process.

The Student Loan Code of Conduct is available for review

Institutional Scholarships

Institutional scholarships are awarded to qualifying students. In most cases, scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis, disbursed half in the fall semester and the other half of the award in the spring semester. Students must be enrolled full-time to be considered for any of the following scholarships and will be awarded only one scholarship per academic year, unless otherwise indicated. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, online students are not eligible for institutional scholarships.
Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is available for the initial academic year of enrollment only to students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher in high school or college transfer work. (This scholarship is funded in part by the Samuel Ayers and Mildred Ayers Scholarship Fund.)

General Scholarship Application

Church Contribution Scholarship

This scholarship is available for the initial academic year of enrollment. Midwestern will match $250 for any student whose church donates a minimum of $500 toward their education. A Church Contribution Scholarship form, found on the web site, must be completed and submitted with the church scholarship. Online students are not eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship may be combined with another institution scholarship.

Fusion Scholarship

Spurgeon College offers a scholarship to any student who completes Fusion International or Fusion North America in the process’ entirety. This scholarship covers one on-campus class the fall semester immediately following the completion of Fusion.

Fusion scholarship awarding criteria:

  1. Must be enrolled in fourteen (14) credit hours per semester as an Undergraduate student
  2. Admissions application must be completed and student must be fully admitted into a degree-seeking program indicated on the application.
  3. Must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  4. The priority deadline for Scholarship Applications is July 1 prior to the fall semester.
Kern Foundation (Accelerate) Scholarship

There are a limited number of scholarships available for students in the Accelerate program. Students should contact the director of the program for information on requirements and how to apply.

Spurgeon Student Scholarship

The Spurgeon Center offers a limited number of scholarships to students demonstrating exceptional promise in the practice of ministry. Spurgeon Student Scholars work closely with the Curator of the Spurgeon Library. Students in residential Master of Divinity programs are priority recipients. The scholarship award is $500 per semester.

Spurgeon Scholarship Application

Student Leadership Scholarship

The student leadership program is administered annually by the Institutional Relations office. Students chosen to participate in this program receive a scholarship equivalent to one course each semester they serve.

More Information

Student’s Child Tuition Grant

Children of full-time, degree-seeking students (twelve or more credit hours for undergraduate students and nine or more credit hours for graduate students) are eligible to receive a Student’s Child Tuition Grant. The grant is 25% of the child’s tuition rate. The grant does not apply to fees. The student’s child tuition grant does not apply to children of doctoral students. Online courses do not qualify toward this grant.

Student Child Tuition Grant Application

Student’s Spouse Tuition Grant

Spouses of full-time, degree-seeking students (twelve or more credit hours for undergraduate students and nine or more credit hours for graduate students) are eligible to receive a Student’s Spouse Tuition Grant. The grant is 50% of the spouse’s tuition rate. The grant does not apply to student fees. The student spouse tuition grant does not apply to spouses of doctoral students. Online courses do not qualify toward this grant.

Student Spouse Tuition Grant Application

Missions Scholarships

IMB Personnel Scholarship

This scholarship is available to all appointed IMB personnel who are currently completing or who have completed field personnel orientation at the International Learning Center (ILC). This scholarship covers 50% of tuition charges for online and on-campus classes. This scholarship does not apply to doctoral classes. Eligible IMB Personnel include: Career and Apprentice Missionaries, Journeyman (while on field deployment) and International Service Corps.
Prior to the initial scholarship award, students must complete the Missions Scholarship Application. This form must be on file prior to the initial award. If at any time the student ceases to be eligible due to a change in IMB Missionary status, Midwestern must be notified immediately. A letter of certification from the sending organization is required.

Missions Scholarship Application

Macedonia Project Scholarship

In partnership with the International Mission Board, participants may take one seminary course per eight-week term while they are on the field and receive a scholarship equal to 50% of tuition for the course from Midwestern. Participants may receive the remaining 50% scholarship from the IMB. Students must apply for participation in the Macedonia Project with the Personnel Selection Department of the IMB.

Missions Scholarship Application

Returning Journeyman/ISC Scholarship

Awarded to a Journeyman/ISC participant returning within one year of service. A full tuition scholarship for the first two semesters toward a master’s degree at Midwestern’s main campus (residential courses only). It is non-renewable and applicants may not transfer from another seminary. A letter of certification from the sending organization is required.
Missions Scholarship Application

Endowed Scholarships

Each year Midwestern’s students benefit from scholarships donated by individuals and organizations to financially assist students with paying their educational expenses. Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria: financial need, academic achievement (GPA), major course of study, future ministry plans, and/or recommendations from administration or faculty. Only one application needs to be completed in order to be considered for almost 70 different scholarships. Most endowed scholarships are need based, so the student is also required to complete the FAFSA. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, online students are not eligible for endowed scholarships.

General Scholarship Application

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are scholarships that students will use as additional funding. We encourage students to contact their home Baptist State Convention, State Foundation, Association and/or Church as they may offer scholarships to those seeking ministry degrees. Below is a list of select outside scholarships that may be of interest to Midwestern students. We continue to update our list as scholarships become known so talk with a Financial Services representative about others that may be available.

Georgia Baptist Foundation Scholarship

Applicants must be or have been a resident of Georgia at the time of enrollment at Midwestern. They must be enrolled full-time as a campus student; they may take some online classes, but they must be in residence at the Seminary and take campus classes. Eligible degree programs include MDiv, ThM, DEdMin, and PhD. DMin and DCoun students may be eligible for a one-time grant of $400 the last semester prior to graduation. Priority is given to students who demonstrate financial need. To apply, complete the General Scholarship Application. Enter “Georgia Baptist Foundation” as the scholarship code and attach as a writing sample a signed letter of recommendation from your home church in Georgia affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board or the Georgia Baptist Convention stating the dates of membership and involvement in the life of the church.

General Scholarship Application

South Carolina Baptist Convention Scholarships

The Executive Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention offers two (2) types of scholarships for those seeking a church related vocation. The Church Related Vocational Scholarship (CRVS) is for undergraduate students and the Richard Furman Scholarship (RF) is for SBC seminary students and SCBC university students seeking a master’s degree. The deadline for the Richard Furman and Church Related Vocational Scholarships is March 15, 2016. For more information email crvs@sbcbaptist.org. Click here for more information

Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund

Grants ranging from $4,000 up to $8,000 per year for a maximum of four years may be available to students who plan to enter the full-time Baptist ministry or religious work in the Baptist denomination who attend one of the listed seminaries or divinity schools. Students must be enrolled in a Master’s degree program. Students may take one on-line course to count toward the hours required to receive a Keesee grant. A student in an eligible Master’s degree who receives a grant during the fall or spring may qualify for an additional amount during the following summer session for up to three summers.

Students in the Doctor of Ministry Degree may qualify for a grant of $2,000 to $3,000 per year for a maximum of three years.

Click here for more information about how to apply.

Mesothelioma.net Scholarship

Danziger & De Llano, LLP. is now offering qualifying college students the chance to win a $2000 scholarship. Any student who has lived with and fought against any type of cancer, not limited to mesothelioma, is welcome to apply. We also encourage any students who have watched a family member or close friend go through the experience of fighting cancer to apply. Applicants must be full-time students in good academic standing.

More Information

Louisiana Baptist Foundation Scholarship

This fund will award scholarships to students who were Louisiana residents at the time of their application/enrollment at Midwestern. Students must reapply each semester. Recipients must be an active member of a Southern Baptist Church and maintain a 2.5 GPA. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, please complete the General Scholarship Application and input “Louisiana Baptist Foundation” as the scholarship code.

General Scholarship Application

Tennessee Baptist Foundation Scholarship

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation offers an annual scholarship to master’s and doctoral students from Tennessee.

More Information

W.B. Small Trust Scholarship

Full-time MDiv students who live or have lived in Iowa can receive $2,500 annually for three years.

More Information

Veterans/Active Military

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Educational Assistance

Midwestern students may receive benefits under one of the following program chapters:

30 – Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty

31 – Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)

33 – Post-9/11 GI Bill

35 – Dependents’ Educational Assistance program, or DEA

1606 – Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve

1607 – Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)

Login at https://benefits.va.gov/gibill/ for more information.

Current students, please complete and submit the Request for Enrollment Certification of VA Education Benefits Form not less than 30 days after each enrollment or registration change. Click here for the form ›

For any questions, please contact financialaid@mbts.edu and gbeechum@mbts for military education.

Additional Links for Current Students


DoD Tuition Assistance (TA) Program

Military Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit paid to eligible members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. The Tuition Assistance Program will fund up to 100 percent of your college tuition and certain fees with the following limits:

  • Not to exceed $250 per semester credit hour or $166 per quarter credit hour
  • Not to exceed $4,500 per fiscal year, October 1 through September 30

Midwestern is a signatory of the Department of Defense (DoD) Tuition Assistance Program Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and eligible to receive TA. TA is not a loan; it should be viewed as money earned just like base pay. TA is usually paid directly to Midwestern by the individual service for tuition and eligible fees.

Active duty military and reservists interested in obtaining Tuition Assistance must check with their Education Services Officer to determine whether they are eligible. Students are encouraged to contact their Education Office at least 30 days prior to their anticipated enrollment date.

Each service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service, application processes, and restrictions. Students should log on to the following links to apply for TA authorization:

Vocational Rehabilitation

Qualifying students should contact their Vocational Rehabilitation counselor who will notify Financial Services of eligibility. Vocational Rehabilitation students must continue to contact Financial Services each semester that they intend to use their benefits prior to the semester due date.