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Jared C. Wilson’s New Advent Devotional Released on October 1

Posted October 3, 2022 by Brett Fredenberg

KANSAS CITY, Mo – Midwestern Seminary announced today the recent release of Gifts of Grace: 25 Advent Devotions by Jared C. Wilson, assistant professor of pastoral ministry and author in residence at Midwestern Seminary.

In the book, Wilson examines many of the wonderful gifts that Christians receive through the incarnation and faith in Christ.

“I am very pleased to see the release of Jared’s new advent devotion Gifts of Grace,” said President of Midwestern Seminary Jason Allen. “Jared’s ability to stir one’s affections for the Lord are on full display in this book. I highly recommend it to all for the upcoming advent season.”

Through writing this new devotional, Wilson aims to encourage and edify believers of all ages with the grace of the Lord Jesus during the Christmas season.

Reflecting on the book’s inspiration, Wilson said, “When my kids were little, we had Advent calendars as we entered the Christmas season. Every day, they so looked forward to opening the little door and receiving a little treat.”

“The daily gifts of a thoughtful Advent calendar can help us more fully absorb the resonance of this season,” Wilson said.

In a similar way, the book is designed like an advent calendar, each day reflecting on a different aspect of the Christmas season. Each chapter reflects on a specific verse with an accompanying gift for Christians to enjoy this Advent season.

Wilson reflects on the gospel gifts of love, power, peace, justification, and more, throughout the 25 chapters of the book.

As he writes in the introduction, “Every day, we will open a little door to rediscover one of the myriad gifts Christians receive through the coming of Christ and belief in the gospel.”

“Every devotion is opening up a new gift that we receive through the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he said. “In John’s gospel, the apostle tells us that from the fullness of Christ flows ‘grace upon grace’ (1:16). Jesus Christ and His gospel are an ever flowing, never ending fountain of grace for us, and that’s why I’ve written this new book, Gifts of Grace.”

Wilson hopes this book will help Christians focus on what matters most this Christmas season.

He said, “My hope for you as you enter the advent season is to slow down, meditate on the good news of Jesus, and just feel engulfed in the grace of God in Christ.”

“My prayer for you is that examining the diamond of the gospel facet by facet for the next 24 days will find you on Day 25 more awestruck and joy-filled about the glory of Christ our Lord,” he shared. “It is only by beholding Christ’s glory, in fact, that we can be made like him (2 Corinthians 3:18).”

Gifts of Grace has received several noteworthy appraisals.

Adam Ramsey, lead pastor of Liberti Church, said, “Gifts of Grace is a beautifully written and biblically rich devotional that will help you to slow down, exhale your troubles, and really savor the miracle we celebrate each Christmas.”

Barnabas Piper, assistant pastor at Immanuel Nashville, said, “Gifts of Grace is the kind of grounding, perspective-shifting reflection my soul needs each year. In this little book, Jared has reminded the unfestive and tired among us of the most profound reasons to celebrate the birth of Jesus.”

Daniel Darling, director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement, said, “With his typical eloquence and grace, Wilson weaves the lyrics of songs that have so captured our hearts every Christmas season with fresh gospel meditations.”

To read an excerpt of the book, visit

Gifts of Grace: 25 Advent Devotions is now available for purchase.


Excerpted with permission from Gifts of Grace by Jared C. Wilson. Copyright 2022, The Good Book Company.

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