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Spurgeon College Introduces New Degree in Graphic Design

Posted May 26, 2022 by Brett Fredenberg

Midwestern Seminary’s undergraduate institution, Spurgeon College, announced a new degree program today, the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, which is designed to equip future graphic design artists with the technical and creative skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing discipline and to advance the Kingdom through their creative work.

The B.A. in Graphic Design is a 120-credit hour degree that includes foundational ministry courses like biblical studies and Christian ministry, in addition to specific training in visual art, design, and computer graphics.

Regarding the new degree offering, Midwestern Seminary President Jason Allen shared, “I’m delighted to announce the addition of the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design degree at Spurgeon College. It fits into our long-term plan of curricular expansion at the undergraduate level, and it positions us to prepare more men and women for Kingdom impact through Spurgeon College.”

“Like every academic program, leadership is essential,” Allen continued. “After an extensive search, we’re grateful to the Lord for raising up Tyler Rosas to launch this new degree. He’s the right person in the right place at the right time.”

Beginning in the fall of 2022, undergraduate students can earn their B.A. in Graphic Design at Spurgeon College’s Kansas City campus. The degree is fully accredited through the Higher Learning Commission and includes 45-credit hours in general education core, 30-credit hours in biblical core, and 45-credit hours in graphic design with additional electives available.

The new degree offering will make Spurgeon College the first Southern Baptist institution among SBC sister seminaries to offer a degree in graphic design. In addition to the world-class faculty available at Spurgeon College, students will enjoy a newly renovated graphic design computer lab on Spurgeon College’s campus.

Tyler Rosas, who will lead the program beginning this fall, serves as assistant professor of graphic design and faculty coordinator at Spurgeon College. With extensive knowledge in graphic design, as well as administrative and instructional experience at Spurgeon College, Rosas is uniquely positioned to serve graphic design students in their creative pursuits for the Kingdom.

“Graphic design students at Spurgeon College will have the opportunity to honor God and inspire others through their classroom creations,” Rosas said. “As students study and produce graphical work in an increasingly visual culture, they will discover the gifts God has given them to communicate effectively and fruitfully.”

In anticipation for the fall semester, Rosas commented on the graphic design field, noting the importance for new graphic design artists to engage culture well while preparing for ministry and marketplace vocations.

As an encouragement to incoming students, Rosas said, “Our hope is that the Lord would use our B.A. in Graphic Design graduates to advance Christ-honoring content throughout various fields and disciplines. This degree will equip students to be faithful wherever God leads.”

Spurgeon College Dean Sam Bierig reflected on the new degree offering, commenting, “At Spurgeon College, we are focused upon deploying students with gospel focus to all different types of places, kingdom assignments, and posts. That is what makes the graphic design degree so pivotal for us. In offering graphic design, we are afforded the ability to attract students and ultimately train students in a field of study completely different than our other degrees.”

Noting the factors that make Spurgeon College the best place to study graphic design, Bierig said, “First, you should come simply because you get to work with Tyler Rosas. He is very well equipped in the field and has a pastor’s and discipler’s heart. He is the perfect blend of a scholar-shepherd that we emphasize here at Spurgeon College. Second, you should come because of the Christ-centered atmosphere here at Spurgeon College. Because of these two reasons, there is no better place on the planet to study graphic design.”

“Our hope is that graduates of the graphic design program will enter the marketplace and work in churches uniquely carrying a robust work ethic, an exemplary skill set, and a world-shaping Gospel,” Bierig continued. “We exist to prepare workers For the Kingdom, and this is the latest channel which the Lord has afforded us to prepare and send trained kingdom servants.”

Midwestern Seminary Provost Jason Duesing stated, “It is a joy to see our faculty approve the addition of a new ‘For the Kingdom’ degree like graphic design. I believe that this degree, combined with the Spurgeon College undergraduate experience, will prepare many young men and women to serve and share Christ in the marketplace.”

Courses toward the B.A. in Graphic Design degree will be offered beginning in the Fall of 2022. Prospective students interested in the new degree offering can start their application today.

To learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design degree or to apply for the program, visit here.

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