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Jared and Becky Wilson’s Book Go Outside Released with Moody Publishers

Posted May 2, 2023 by Brett Fredenberg

KANSAS CITY, Mo—Midwestern Seminary celebrated the release of Go Outside…and 19 Other Keys to Thriving in Your 20’s by Moody Publishers on May 2. Jared C. Wilson, who serves as assistant professor of pastoral ministry and author in residence at Midwestern Seminary, co-authored the book with his wife, Becky.

Midwestern Seminary President Jason Allen said of the Wilson’s new book, “I am very excited for the release of Jared and Becky Wilson’s new book Go Outside…and 19 Other Keys to Thriving in Your 20’s. This is the type of book that is immensely helpful and clarifying for young Christians who are seeking to faithfully follow the Lord where He is leading them.”

The book features twenty short chapters of wisdom and biblical encouragement to make a season of youth filled with joy and fruitful investment in the future.

The idea for the book began two years ago at an event on Midwestern Seminary’s campus. Jared and Becky were invited to give a talk to the student leadership team on, “Things we wish we had known in our twenties.”

Shortly after, Drew Dyck, who serves as an editor at Moody Publishers, reached out to the Wilsons and asked if they would be interested in turning the talk into a book. The Wilsons agreed and expanded their original six pieces of advice into twenty chapters of encouragement.

“We wrote this book for those who are entering into independent adulthood, going to college, about to start college, or in a period of differentiation from the home of their upbringing,” said J. Wilson. “We wrote it to be designed for churches and families to give to young people as a guide.”

“Becky and I both feel like young people today are hungrier for mentorship and godly counsel than they’ve been in a long time. In our day of increasing moral chaos and spiritual confusion, I think a book that carefully and clearly rearticulates the basic stuff of Christian spirituality for young adults in a practical way really meets a need.”

The title Go Outside comes from one of the chapters of the book. In this chapter, B. Wilson encourages younger generations to enjoy nature as God intended. She said, “There’s so much to be learned from spending time in nature. We need to take breaks and get away from the computer screens to watch a sunset and enjoy the beautiful things right in front of us.”

Other chapter titles include: Don’t wait until you ‘have time’ to develop healthy habits, Church membership isn’t optional, and Never try to be the expert in the room.

J. Wilson shared three chapter titles that are most meaningful to him, as they serve as the plot points for his own testimony of sin and redemption in his twenties: Center on the gospel, Porn is more toxic than you realize, and You are not only as good as what you haven’t done.

The Wilsons hope the book will resonate in the lives of younger generations, point them to Jesus Christ, and remind them of the immense value of the gospel in the present and for the future.

“The biggest thing I hope readers take away is just how big Jesus is!” J. Wilson said. “How much he can be trusted, how investing in our friendship with him in our early adulthood isn’t just a way to be one of the ‘Christian college kids,’ but the way we make sure we start out on a track of life that will fill our joy and keep us from looking back when we hit our thirties and forties and beyond with regrets and desires to do-over.”

B. Wilson also said, “I just hope it’s encouraging. We want to help young people understand that these are the things that we didn’t know in our twenties, but we can help you learn without doing it the hard way.”

Go Outside has received several noteworthy appraisals.

Dean Inserra, pastor at City Church Tallahassee, said, “This book is fun, honest, practical, serious about the gospel, and directed toward a demographic often overlooked in Christian conversation. I’m excited to have our twenty- and thirtysomethings in our church read it together in small groups.”

Tony Merida, pastor of Imago Dei Church, also said, “Go Outside is a treasure trove of wisdom for all present, future, and even former twentysomethings. It is filled with wit, written from a loving heart, and has the markers of battle-tested wisdom from years of serving this age group.”

Go Outside…and 19 Other Keys to Thriving in Your 20s is now available for purchase wherever books are sold.

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