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Support the Legacy Fund

Gifts given to Midwestern Seminary’s Legacy Fund make a direct impact on every student. In fact, every dollar given to Midwestern’s Legacy Fund is a dollar we do not have to charge in tuition. In a very real way, these unrestricted gifts defer the rising costs of tuition allowing our students to be deployed to do ministry without crippling debt. To designate your gift to Midwestern’s Legacy Fund, simply write “Legacy Fund” in the memo line of your check.

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Join the Legacy Council

Midwestern’s Legacy Council is a group of individuals from all walks of life who are united by the desire to support our students. This committed group of individuals make it possible for more students to be deployed for a lifetime of ministry.

Discover more about the Midwestern’s Legacy Council and how you can join with us today in making an eternal impact for the Kingdom.

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Legacy Fund - Pray

We ask that you would commit to praying for our institution. Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, we covet your prayers as we seek to train Pastors and Leaders for Gospel-centered ministry. Apart from God’s provision and your prayerful support, we know our striving would be in vain.

Legacy Fund - Tell

We ask that you tell others about our vision for the church and encourage them to stand with us through their prayers and financial support. By telling others about our vision you will help us create an invaluable network of support built upon faithful prayers and gracious giving.

Legacy Fund - Invest

We ask that you consider giving to Midwestern and Spurgeon College Legacy Fund. As you may know, the Legacy Fund functions like a scholarship for students, allowing them to graduate from college and seminary as debt-free as possible. Our aim is to train students for ministry, and your charitable contributions are a tangible way to aid in this endeavor. Your generosity is making a difference here at Midwestern and also in the lives of many students called to ministry.


Contributions to Midwestern may be given in a number of ways, such as:

Cash or checks—the most common and convenient method of giving to Midwestern Seminary.

Securities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds—securities can be transferred or assigned to Midwestern Seminary. These gifts allow you to deduct the fair market value of the security and avoid capital gains tax.

Real estate—donations of a property such as a gift of homes, farms, rental property, commercial property, or other types of real estate.

Business gifts—receive a tax benefit when your business contributes to a non-profit organization like Midwestern Seminary.

Planned giving (wills and bequests)—naming Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as a beneficiary in your estate planning can help support this ministry for future generations, leaving a lasting legacy through the establishment of a trust or gifts through not only a will, but gift annuities, remainder trusts, and testamentary wills.

Other gifts in kind—whether its an airplane, antiques, cars, coins, boats, or jewelry, Midwestern Seminary can auction or sell these items and put these funds to use toward key projects.

Memorial and Honor gifts—a gift in memory or honor of a loved one.

Matching gifts—gifts that are matched by the donor’s employer. Contact your employer or human resources office for more information on your company’s gift matching policy. Midwestern Seminary regularly receives matching gifts from major corporations on behalf of their employees.

Volunteering—Each year, groups from around the country converge on Midwestern Seminary to help renovate, repair, and otherwise improve the seminary campus. Youth groups and building teams regularly plan summer trips to Kansas City to work on service projects at Midwestern Seminary. Volunteering allows Christians to donate their time and talents to the Kingdom of God through Midwestern Seminary in a tangible way as well as gain exposure to the seminary community.

Scholarships—Although Midwestern Seminary is one of the most affordable schools in theological education today, scholarships can be established in the name of a loved one or yourself to help a seminary student pay for his/her biblical training. Whether your passion is for church music or international church planting, scholarships can be provided for students in these areas.

If you have any questions or need help making your gift, please contact the Office of Institutional Relations at 816.414.3720 or

Office of Institutional Relations
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
5001 N Oak Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64118