Ministry Positions

Midwestern Seminary offers job placement services to help Midwestern students and graduates connect with local churches seeking ministers for open positions. Midwestern approaches this task with the following doctrinal principles in view:

  • No human authority exists, either individual or institutional, that is higher than the local church. Midwestern Seminary has no authority to appoint pastors, or instruct any church as to which pastor to choose. Rather, we are accountable to the local churches of the Southern Baptist Convention, and we answer to them, not vice versa.
  • God chooses pastors. It is the weighty task of the local church and their leadership groups to identify from among all candidates available the pastor God has chosen for them. In voting to “call” a pastor, the local church is merely confirming their conviction that he is God’s choice for them.
  • God uses people in that process. Midwestern Seminary sees itself merely as a tool that the Holy Spirit may use to bring ministerial candidates and churches together.
  • Diligent prayer and diligent research is demanded if the search process is to work successfully. Committees and candidates must beseech God for His guidance. Likewise, both parties should study carefully every detail available regarding the prospective individual or position, realizing that full disclosure of all pertinent facts makes for long-lasting bonds between churches and their ministers.

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Job Posting Form

The following form is for churches, ministries, and individuals looking to fill a part-time, full time, bi-vocational, or volunteer ministry position. Once the form is submitted, your information will be posted to our student and alumni portal for individuals to apply. Please take a moment to complete the form, and a Midwestern representative will be sure to respond to your request soon. For further assistance, contact the Institutional Relations Office at 816.414.3721.

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