KANSAS CITY, Mo., (MBTS) – Midwestern Seminary will be represented by 14 faculty members and students, as they present scholarly papers, moderate sessions, and participate in discussion panels at the 68th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in San Antonio on Nov. 15-17. The theme of this year’s meeting is “The Trinity.”

“The annual ETS meeting is an excellent opportunity for our school’s faculty to research, study, and present papers on some of the most significant scholarly issues affecting today’s theological landscape,” said President Jason Allen. “Midwestern Seminary’s faculty, year-in and year-out, present papers and participate in discussion panels at this conference, which enables us to demonstrate the quality and value of our scholars to the broader Evangelical community.

“I could not be prouder of our faculty, and for the work they do daily in training the next generation of pastors and ministry leaders for the church.”

Jason Duesing, the institution’s provost, noted that ETS presents an opportunity for the seminary’s theological scholarship to be sharpened and results in a stronger faculty that leads in preparing the next generation of pastors and ministry leaders for service in the local church.

“I am thrilled to see a strong representation from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary & College presenting papers at the national meeting of this historic society,” Duesing said. “Further, I am delighted that some of our students have the opportunity to show the broader academy the strength and quality of the training they are receiving in our Ph.D. program.”

The Presentations

Midwestern Seminary professors and students taking part in the meeting and their topics are as follows:

— Dr. Jason K. Allen (president): “As One with Authority: Biblical Preaching as an Intrinsically Authoritative Act”

— J. Alan Branch (professor of Christian ethics): “Epigenetics and Homosexuality: A Brief Survey and Analysis”

— Todd R. Chipman (assistant professor of biblical studies): “Holy Women, Holy Words and Holy War: Military Motifs in the Prayer-Songs of Women in Scripture”

— Jason G. Duesing (provost & associate professor of historical theology): Moderator of Biblical Studies Session on “Pastor-Theologians among Baptists in America;” Participating in the panel “Pastor-Theologians among Baptists in America”

— Joseph D. Garner III (Ph.D. Student): “The Key to the Universe and All Philosophy: Edgar Young Mullins and the Doctrine of the Trinity”

— Christian T. George (assistant professor of historical theology and curator of the Spurgeon Library): moderating sessions on “Christian History and Thought since 1700: Billy Graham in His Relationships”

— Robin D. Hadaway (dean of students & professor of missions): Participant in the panel discussion “Islam & Evangelical Christianity – Is a Productive Dialogue Possible?”

— John R. Lee (assistant professor of New Testament): “Jewish Monotheism, Sacrifice and the Divinity of Jesus”

— Thorvald B. Madsen (dean of graduate studies; Ph.D. program director; professor of New Testament, Ethics, & Philosophy): “Listen to Him: the Exhortation of Matthew 17:5 in the Context of the Transfiguration”

— Robert J. Matz (assistant professor of Christian studies): “Baptists, Children, and Regenerate Church Membership”

— Michael S. Pardue, Sr. (PhD Student): Moderator of “Practical Theology Homiletics” session

— Owen D. Strachan (associate professor of Christian theology and director of the Center for Public Theology): “The Clarity of Complementarity: Transgender in Moral & Theological Perspective;” “Billy Graham and Harold John Ockenga;” Participating in the panel “Pastor-Theologians among Baptists in America”

— Bill Watson (Ph.D. Student): “The Greek of the Gospel of Mark and the Synoptic Problem”

— John Mark Yeats (dean of Midwestern College & associate professor of church history): “’Such is the War of Giants:’ The Trinity, Unitarianism and Jewish Conversion in the 18th Century”