Weekend Security Officer

Campus Security | Midwestern Seminary

Department:  Security Department
Supervisor: Chief of Security

General Description: 

The primary purpose of the Security Officer is to serve and protect all persons and property on the campus of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. We do this by being highly trained, highly vigilant, and highly professional.

This position is a weekend shift position that will be given an average of 24 hours per week.

Major Areas of Responsibility and Typical Duties include:

  • Unlock and secure buildings on a daily basis
  • Monitor campus parking lots and issue citations when necessary
  • Assist other agencies like the police and fire departments when an emergency situation arises on campus
  • Conduct security rounds of the campus and housing areas
  • During rounds, monitor the campus and housing areas for security risks or unsafe conditions that need addressing to include such items as lights that are not working
  • Assist with parking and security needs during special campus events
  • Assist with additional duties as requested by other departments
  • Provide security escorts to students as they are needed
  • Provide CPR as needed until emergency personnel arrive
  • Provide on-call services when a security officer is not on duty
  • Provide services to students such as jump starting their vehicle and unlocking their apartment doors when needed
  • Complete a security and patrol log during the duration each shift
  • Respond in a timely manner to all security calls, many of these will require various degrees of investigation as well as written reports
  • Any other duties or responsibilities assigned by Chief of Security.


  • Ability to obtain a Missouri Class A Security Office License
  • A valid state’s driver’s license and clean driving history
  • A clean criminal history with no pending court actions
  • Ability to maintain satisfactory attendance and punctuality standard
  • High school diploma or equivalent