Visual Media Producer

Communications | Midwestern Seminary

Video Production: Create and produce videos for marketing and promotion

  • Delivery of creative stories and marketing ads
  • Set-up, tear down, and filming at productions
  • Help to create new advertisements, story boarding, filming, and the post-production
  • Scheduling, organizing and capturing B-roll at events as needed
  • Produce recap videos of conferences and events as needed

Photography: Provide assistance with photography coverage

  • Assist with photography needs (events, advertising, headshots, etc.)
  • Ensure that photography needs are captured
  • Assist with capturing and editing photos as needed

Conference and Event Production: Assist with the production of chapel, conferences, and events

  • Knowledge of the technology used in chapel (Cameras, Switchers, Lighting, and Sound)
  • Working and partnering with volunteers/students
  • Assist with setup and tear down

Gear Maintenance: Manage and maintain gear, tech trends, and processes

  • Assist with managing and maintaining gear for AV (cameras, lighting, audio, etc.)
  • Be a part of planning, budgeting, and collaboration for the investments being made for the institution
  • Continue staying up-to-date on trends, technology, and gear under the direction of superiors and budget restraints


  • Completed at least 1 year of undergraduate education
  • Physically able to carry 25lbs or more
  • Able to carry camera gear and capture b-roll


Who We Are

Midwestern Seminary exists For the Church. We serve the church by biblically educating God-called men and women to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are unashamed about our sacred calling to prepare men and women to serve the church.

The Institutional Relations division supports this vision by recruiting and retaining students, donors, and friends.

The Office of Communications contributes to the mission of the Institutional Relations division by capturing and communicating our story in a timely, accurate, and creative manner that will attract and recruit new students, engage and retain our current students, and deepen our affinity and loyalty among our alumni, donors and friends.

What We Value

  1. Hungry: Hungry team members are passionate about progress.
  2. Humble: Humble team members are eager to serve.
  3. Smart: Smart team members are exceptionally wise in how they deal with both people and projects.
  4. Happy and Hopeful: Happy and hopeful team members are kind, encouraging, and optimistic.