Senior Pastor

Southern Baptist Church

The Southern Baptist Church of Syracuse, KS is currently seeking to fill the role of pastor within our church. We would like to introduce ourselves to any prospective applicants, that are interested in taking the time to see if Syracuse is where God has for them. We know that our next pastor is out there and that God is currently calling him as we patiently and prayerfully wait. Would you please join us in praying that God reveals to you whether you are this man or not and that we may have wisdom and discernment to recognize him when God sends him?

Syracuse is a rural agricultural community of about 1,800 and serves as the county seat to Hamilton County, which has a population of about 2,600 (including Syracuse’s population). We’re located in the very Southwest corner of Kansas roughly 17 miles from Colorado and 75 miles from Oklahoma. The closest “urban area” (Wal-Mart) is Garden City Kansas, which is located about an hour East of us (59 miles). Although, Syracuse offers a lot both socially: with six dine-in restaurants, a movie theatre, bowling alley, small fishing pond (which is stocked each spring with trout and bass) and sand dunes park and economically: with a grocery store, lumber yard, pharmacy, hospital, and many other local businesses. More information can be found about Syracuse here,

The Southern Baptist Church is located within Syracuse but serves the county. We’re a small but growing church that has been without a pastor since June of 2018. Before our pastor left we were averaging about 70 people on any given Sunday but since then it has fallen to around 45. So, we have experienced a downturn in attendance recently, however, this is temporary and was expected as we’ve seen it before when we’ve been between pastors. Although, I believe it’s still fair to claim that we’re a growing church because historically speaking our numbers have and continue to climb. Even with all of the growth we’ve experienced in the last 10 years, it’s our belief that there’s still massive potential for additional growth and in many areas we’re right on the cusp of achieving it. We just need the man God has for us to lead us to it and through it. We added on to our sanctuary about ten years ago and are currently looking to rebuild our youth building, to better accommodate a thriving youth group, of roughly 35, junior high and high school students that meet on Wednesday nights.

We appreciate you taking the time to read a little about us and prayerfully considering whether Syracuse is where God has for you to serve. If you feel Syracuse may be where God is calling you, please send a resume to We look forward to hearing from you and figuring out together whether Syracuse is where God’s calling you. If you aren’t feeling called to Syracuse please do still pray for us as we continue our search.

– Josh Houston, pastor search committee chairman.