Social Media and Content Manager

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

The aim of the full-time position of Social Media and Content Manager in the office of Communications is twofold: (1) to design, execute, and maintain Midwestern Seminary’s social media presence across all platforms; and (2) to act as the primary content editor for Midwestern Seminary, Spurgeon College, and For The Church.

Manage and implement the overall social media strategy.

  1. Manage the day-to-day activity and direction on the primary social media accounts.
  2. Provide daily oversight and management of the content calendar.
  3. Monitor, listen, and respond to followers’ questions and comments as is appropriate.
  4. Help manage and execute organic and paid social media promotional campaigns for programs, events, and new initiatives.
  5. Analyze key metrics and make necessary tweaks to strategy as necessary.
  6. Provide weekly and monthly data and trend summaries for marketing and social media.
  7. Provide live coverage of major conferences and events as well as reflecting life on campus.
  8. Provide general oversight of the numerous auxiliary social accounts associated with Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College and lead an annual training for the managers of these accounts.
  9. Assist in content creation and idea generation for campaigns and promotions.

Provide editorial oversight and management for all internal and external publications.

  1. Act as the primary editor and proofreader of all internal and external content that is published.
  2. Assist in the editing, scheduling, and posting of articles on For The Church.
  3. Assist in developing and writing advertising, promotional, and email copy.
  4. Manage the bi-annual publication of the Midwestern Magazine.
  5. Manage the monthly email newsletter.