Senior Pastor

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The Senior Pastor provides spiritual oversight and leadership direction to church leaders and the congregation. He is to preach, teach, disciple, evangelize, lead in the sacraments, and counsel those in need. He is to be an advocate of the church’s mission statement and vision.


As a minimum, a Bachelor of Arts degree in a Ministry, Biblical, or Pastoral Studies.

At least 5 years of experience working within a church in a pastoral role.

Strengths in the following areas: leadership, teaching, counseling as well as strong relational abilities.


Plan and conduct worship services, prepare and deliver sermons.

Regularly lead the congregation in Communion. He should also lead in regard to Baptisms.

Be available and willing to perform weddings and funerals as needed.

Responsible for all administration of the church. This includes office, staff, janitorial, grounds and buildings. This is not to imply that the pastor will do these things: only that he will oversee and delegate them as appropriate.

Lead and guide all other members of the pastoral staff. He will be responsible to ensure that all staff, pastoral and otherwise, fulfill the requirements of their job descriptions.

Delegate and oversee the planning of outreach activities in the surrounding neighborhoods. He will work toward creating an inviting environment in the congregation and make new attendees feel welcome.

Provide short-term counseling as needed. He will be available and responsive to crisis situations. He will provide pastoral care through the most effective means possible.

Maintain contact with all supported church missionaries and missions. He is to see that the congregation is also involved in the lives and ministries of those missionaries and missions.

The position requires great flexibility in time schedule. The pastor should be available for evening activities as well as work on the weekends.